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Building a Dream Home in Lake Tahoe: Step 5

paradise-realestate-building-3This is the fifth part in our series on building a dream home in Lake Tahoe. We’re following builder Peter Stromberg and going through the same steps he is taking, from inception to completion. I’ll be sharing pictures, tips and pointers so you can see what is involved and the beautiful outcome you can have!

Step 1 was covered in a previous article and I talked of locating the perfect lot.  Once Peter had bought the lot in Montgomery Estates he started the permitting process.

In Step 2 I covered the permitting process.  It took Peter a bit longer in this stage than planned, but all moved forward.

The house is being built on a slope. In Step 3 I covered what was involved with pre-grade, TRPA site inspections and excavation.

Once the foundation is put in a builder can then start the formation of a home.  This was covered in Step 4.  Now we’re ready for the next step!

Step 5:  The Slab and Framing

Now the home we’ve been watching be built in South Lake Tahoe is starting to take shape.  The months of work prior to this is of course necessary, but it took a long time until we saw the formation of a home. Peter prepared the dirt in the garage area for a cement slab. Once the rebar was in place and the framing of the garage completed, he call in the cement truck to pour the slab. As you can see from the pictures, you can’t help but get dirty while spreading it out to make smooth and level!

After dried, the framing of the first floor begins. This house will have two full levels above the garage so we frame the garage, then each level above it, one at a time.

The crew is hard at work getting the home ready for walls before the weather changes.

Helpful Hints:  When framing, always check for plumb and level.  Now is the time to make sure everything is straight and level.  Make sure your lumber is always crowned. This means, all wood has a certain curve to it so you want to make sure all pieces curve the same way.

Building a Dream Home in Lake Tahoe

The lot in Montgomery Estates is excavated, has a foundation and is now being framed…soon it will be a gorgeous custom home!  Continue on our journey with Peter as this custom mountain beauty comes to life!!

Step #6: The Roof, Exterior Sheeting (Sheer Wall), Interior Framing and Windows


I now have a licensed contractor/Realtor as part of my team at Paradise Real Estate. Tony Cappel can visit lots with you as you make your decision to build a home in Lake Tahoe. He’ll offer expertise as to what can and cannot be built as he knows all of the regulations and permit requirements since he has built homes in Lake Tahoe for 30 years.

If you’re interested in any information not being covered in this series of articles, please contact me by email, by calling 530-541-2465 or by stopping by my office in the Heavenly Village.  You can also start your search of lots for sale in Lake Tahoe on my website.


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