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Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale

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With almost 500 Lake Tahoe homes for sale on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, the search for the right home may seem a bit daunting.  I have some handy tips on how to make this process much easier listed at the end of this article, but in the meantime I am starting a new feature on my website that will highlight homes for sale in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale - This Week's Homes of the Week Since you...Continue Reading!

Drone Tour of Lakefront Home for Sale in Lake Tahoe

You've heard of a bird's eye view, but what about a drone's eye view?  I have a drone photographer as part of the Paradise Real Estate team and he's done some great videos!  He sent his drone up for a look at all of the Tahoe Keys, and now he's created a video tour of a Lakefront home for sale. This video tour will give you a whole new experience and appreciation of this property. Lakefront Townhome for Sale The luxury home for sale in...Continue Reading!

Building a Dream Home in Lake Tahoe – Step 2

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

This is the second part in our series on building a dream home in Lake Tahoe. We're following builder Peter Stromberg and going through the same steps he is taking, from inception to completion. I'll be sharing pictures, tips and pointers so you can see what is involved and the beautiful outcome you can have! Step 1 was covered in a previous article and I talked of locating the perfect lot.  Now that Peter bought the lot in Montgomery Estates he...Continue Reading!

Top 6 Methods to Use in Your Search for a Lake Tahoe Home for Sale

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

There was once a day when Real Estate buyers would walk into a big brand Real Estate Office  and ask to have someone show them around. Today's successful home buyer has a much different approach to selecting the home they want to purchase and this is especially true when looking for a Lake Tahoe home for sale. Home buyers and sellers today are utilizing the internet and  know much more about what they want way before they tour the first home for...Continue Reading!

6 Tips for Picking the Best Lake Tahoe Realtor

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

The most important decision you'll make in your Lake Tahoe real estate transaction is selecting the a good Realtor.  After that, everything is simple with the guidance of a trusted expert who is there to look out for your best interest. Why is selecting a Realtor so important, aren't they all the same? No, not all Realtors are the same. Some are new, some have been in the business for decades, some are dedicated and committed, others are just in it for their...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Review: August 2014

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

The summer has wrapped up and now South Lake Tahoe can get back to a nice, casual pace.  I've been so busy this summer with people calling or walking in the door every day to look for a home to purchase in our mountain paradise.  That's whats been great about having my office in the Heavenly Village...right in the middle of all the action! Fewer homes for sale equals less sales volume: The number of new listings of homes for sale in...Continue Reading!

Sellers Guide

The Process of Selling your Lake Tahoe home Selling a home in Lake Tahoe doesn't have to be a daunting task, and can actually be easy if you know  that your number one rule is to secure the right Realtor.  The success of selling your home is almost completely dependent on the Realtor you select, not the real estate company you choose!  I have created a seller's guide to selling Lake Tahoe homes so my clients (and future clients) will know what...Continue Reading!

Bijou Neighborhood of South Lake Tahoe: Sales Up, Median Price Up

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

In South Lake Tahoe, closed sales of homes were down 11.6% in July and the median sales price went up 19.7% to $337,500.  The reasons for this were explained in an earlier article.  There are a few areas that experienced an increase in both closed sales and median sales price and the Bijou Neighborhood was one of them. The Bijou neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe is centrally located and residents have easy access to everything there is to do on the...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Review: July 2014

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

With a median sales price for homes and condos sold for the month of July at $370,000,  the South Lake Tahoe real estate market had positive news. Median Sales Price of Closed Sales in South Lake Tahoe is Up In July, the median sales price for the month was up 25.8% over July of 2013. When looking over the last 12 months, homes sold had a median selling price of $335,000, which is up almost 20% from the prior year.  In South Lake Tahoe...Continue Reading!

Why the Sierra Tract neighborhood of South Lake Tahoe is so popular?

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

South Lake Tahoe is divided into several different areas and neighborhoods, both of which are beneficial to the home owner, home buyer and local resident. Neighborhood characteristics help people decide where they would like to buy their Lake Tahoe home as well as serve as location markers. Sierra Tract Neighborhood The Sierra Tract neighborhood is an older area comprised of smaller, starter homes as well as homes along the meadow and Truckee River, and larger, new homes. The median sales price of homes...Continue Reading!