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South Lake Tahoe Local Topics for June/July 2015

Local residents in the Lake Tahoe Basin don’t stay up on the local laws that are being voted on as much as they should. Living in a small town such as South Lake Tahoe, staying involved and knowledgeable about the local happenings can have a huge effect on what laws are being passed, such as the issue with the Vacation Rental Ordinance that we have previously blogged about that can have a huge effect on property values within the City of South Lake Tahoe. Keeping up to date on SLT’s local government agenda makes you a knowledgeable member of this beautiful, quaint mountain town.


South Lake Tahoe Local Topics for June/July 2015:




  • City Council APPROVED the Chateau Project’s acquisition of 6,307 square feet of commercial floor area for the next phase: scheduled to start in August and could take up to 18 months to complete. This new project is located near Stateline, NV off of Highway 50 near the casinos and right next to our office located in The Shops at Heavenly Village. This project will focus on building a 32-unit condo-hotel and about 19,000 square feet of retail. A pool, hot tub, fire pit, and barbeque are also included. This new project hopes to bring in more tourism to help support our beautiful economy here in South Lake Tahoe.


  • Tahoe Valley Area Plan APPROVED and moving forward: Area plans are comprehensive land use and zoning documents used as the framework for improving the Lake Tahoe community. This proposal was approved by the TRPA on Wednesday, July 22nd and includes 337 acres surrounding what locals refer to as the “Y” area.  The Tahoe Valley Area Plan will include:
    • Greenbelt Area with new pedestrian/bike paths that will also function as an area-wide stormwater treatment system that will greatly reduce the pollution that leads to Lake Tahoe
    • Town Center Healthcare District will consolidate healthcare services & support around Barton Hospital with an integrated pedestrian system and residential area for employees
    • Shops and Entertainment that will create a place to host special community events and gatherings for Tahoe residents
    • New sidewalks, bike paths, and transit expansions
    • Restoration incentives for projects that benefit the repair of the environmentally-sensitive areas in the Upper Truckee watershed


  • Vacation Rental Ordinance PASSES in the City of SLT: The City of South Lake Tahoe, which does not include the County or Nevada side of the lake,  passed the Vacation Rental Ordinance (VHR) on Tuesday, July 21st. The City Council meeting held at the local Tahoe Airport favored the new ordinance by 4-0. Beginning on August 21st of this year, a handful of new rules, regulations, and fees will take place. This will not only be for the visitors and tourists who are renting out these vacation homes but also for the homeowners as well. We will go into further detail about this matter in a future blog and explain what this will mean for all Lake Tahoe residents and visitors….so stay tuned!




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