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South Lake Tahoe Vacation Home Rental (VHR) Permits

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South Lake Tahoe, CAHow do I obtain a South Lake Tahoe Vacation Home Rental (VHR) Permit? 

1.  Download the VHR application at

– An application may also be obtained at the City Permit Center located at 1052 Tata Lane South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150


2.  After receiving a complete VHR application, City staff will do the following:

– Schedule an inspection of the property using the VHR Inspector’s Checklist.  The City has 14 days after they receive the VHR application to complete the property inspection.

– Notify neighbors within 300 feet of the VHR property. The City will mail out a notification letter within 10 days of submitted application

*A copy of this notification letter will be available Oct. 1st 2015.


3.  Zoning Administrator Hearing or Administrative Review

–  If members of the community provide written objection to the VHR application within 7 days of receiving the notification from the City, a public hearing will be held to provide opportunity to discuss concerns before proceeding.

–  If no objections are filed, the Zoning Administrator will review the application, information from the onsite inspection and compliance with the City’s VHR Health & Safety Codes.

–  The Zoning Administrator may approve or deny the application; or require special conditions before issuing a VHR permit.

–  Escrow Applications: VHR applications that are submitted by a potential Buyer in escrow will be placed in higher priority than other applications.

–  The City will make every reasonable effort to issue a determination or decision within 30 days of receipt of a completed application.

–  When the VHR is approved, the applicant must pay the Annual Permit Fee before the Permit is issued.south lake tahoe vacation rental ordinance


4.  The Zoning Administrator decision is Appealable to the Planning Commission

–  Planning Commission decisions are appealable to the City Council.

–  The Appeal Fee for non-applicants or citizens greater than 300 feet from the VHR is $1,500.

–  Applicant residents and property owners within 300 ft of VHR – their appeal fee is $250.

–  The Planning Commission generally meets on the second Thursday of each month.

*Some of this Information is sourced from Jana Nelson, a Paradise Real Estate agent who spoke to Amanda Nolen, a City Representative for the city of South Lake Tahoe.


5. Applicant will be required to post a notice of application of VHR on property.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  What is a considered a Vacation Home Rental in South Lake Tahoe, CA?

A:  A Vacation Home Rental  or VHR is defined as a property rented for less than 30 consecutive calendar days.

Q: What kind of licenses or permits do I need?

A:  All single and multi-family properties electing to rent their property for 30 days or less, must obtain a “Vacation Home Rental Permit” AND a “Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) registration certificate”

Q: Do I also need a Business Licence? 

A:  Single family dwellings are not required to obtain a business license. A multifamily dwelling used as a VHR is required to obtain a business license.

Q: How much will I be fined if I do not obtain a Vacation Home Rental Permit while operating a VHR?

A: The fines for operating a VHR without a permit is $5,000 per South Lake Tahoe City Code Chapter 3.50.550

Q: Do you have to complete Annual Renewals?

A:  Renewals will be done at the staff / administrative level provided:

            1. There has been no more than TWO violations against the property in the past twelve months  

                                            **Click Here for VHR Guidelines**

            2. Remodeling has not resulted in an increase in occupancy

            3. There has been TOT reported over a two year period

            4. Inspection of the property has been performed

Q: Who do I contact in the City if I have any questions regarding the new VHR permit process?

A:  Contact the City of South Lake Tahoe – Permit Department at (530) 542-6011



If you would like more information on any of the above or any topic relating to the new Vacation Rental Ordinance within the City of South Lake Tahoe, please contact Dan Spano at (530) 541-2465



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