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Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Lakefront and Waterfront Homes for Sale

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

With Lake Tahoe being the largest alpine lake in North America, you might think you'd be able to find a lot of homes along it's 72 miles of shore line, but with state and national parks and other public lands taking up much of the lake shore, this isn't the case. Lakefront and Waterfront There are two types of homes that rest on the shores of Lake Tahoe, lakefront and waterfront.  The homes that are directly on the lake are considered lakefront,...Continue Reading!

Best Lake View Home in Lake Tahoe!

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

An estimated three million visitors gaze upon beautiful Lake Tahoe each year but very few are able to call Lake Tahoe home, and even fewer are able to live in a lakeview home like this one. Imagine gazing out upon the lake from this gorgeous Glenbrook home for sale! You'll feel like you're hanging over the top of the lake. This is one of most panoramic lakeview homes I've ever been in, even better than most lake front homes.  You look...Continue Reading!

Luxury Homes Sales in Lake Tahoe: Are sales up or down?

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

Since overall sales of homes in South Lake Tahoe are on the rise, one would expect the same for luxury homes (those priced over $1,000,000). One would also assume that sales are increasing more than those of lower priced homes because of the recovering economy.  Let's look at the information and come up with an answer: Luxury Homes for sale in Lake Tahoe Luxury homes can be found for sale in many of Lake Tahoe's neighborhoods.  Some are lakefront, some are lakeview...Continue Reading!

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