I Constantly Get The Question: Buy a Tahoe Home in Nevada or California?

lake-tahoe-lakefront-home-for-saleMany of my clients who are interested in buying a home in Lake Tahoe don’t realize there are two states as well as North Shore and South Shore options to choose from. They just want to buy their vacation home in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Part of my job is to give consultation to home buyers on where is the best part of the lake that will meet or exceed their needs.  And one of the most common questions that come up is which state; Nevada or California should they purchase a home in.

Where should you buy a home in Lake Tahoe, Nevada or California?

Advantages of buying a home in Nevada:

  • Considerably lower property taxes
  • No state income tax if Nevada is your primary residence (live there at least 6 months of the year)

Disadvantages of buying a home in Nevada:

  • Higher priced homes
  • Hilly terrain – More lakeview homes but those with the great views are normally perched on top of steep terrain

Advantages of buying a home in California:

  • More homes for sale to choose from
  • Much more level terrain
  • Lower prices

Disadvantages of buying a home in California:

  • Higher property taxes than Nevada
  • Fewer chances for homes with a lakeview
  • State income tax if this is the state you live in

Homes for Sale in South Lake Tahoe on Both Sides of the Lake:

All homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe CA.

Current and live up to date Median Average Price for South Lake Tahoe Ca. 

All homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe NV. side of the lake. 



What features in a home are you looking for?

I ask my clients this all the time, “To you, what are the important features of a home?”  This way I can create a list of what they want in the state that best fits their criteria.  Is a lake view important? Is being near the beach or a ski resort important?  Do they want quiet and away from it all? Do they want to hop in their boat in their back yard and be on the lake in minutes?  The same things aren’t important to everyone, this is why it is best to narrow down each person’s priorities and preferences.  Getting this list created will help me help home buyers decide which side of the lake is best for them.

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