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Step by Step Remodel Series of a Lake Tahoe Home: Step Number Two

Step by Step Remodel SeriesDemo of Existing Interior

The Splains home has been in demo mode since the middle of June, as we wrote about in our previous blog: Step by Step Remodel Series: Step 1. Regardless of what type of remodel you are doing, the demo is where it all begins. “You have to get rid of the old to start the new.” The construction crew started with the removal of all the existing appliances throughout the kitchen, all bathroom fixtures and figured out what interior doors were going to be re-utilized or disposed. In projects like this, it is always good to “stay green” and reuse as much of the building material as possible, to not only save time and money, but also help protect the environment. Next, the demo crew removed the interior walls downstairs to make room for the new floor plan, and then proceeded to tear out all the old floor coverings which included tile, carpet and wood. Once that was concluded, they evaluated the sub-flooring to make sure that there was no damage to the existing plywood. If there was any damage noted (de-laminating or warping) this would be removed and replaced also. In the midst of all the demo work that was going on, the plumbing, electrical and heating components were being capped off to prepare for the framing for all the new interior walls that were being built downstairs.

Step by Step Remodel Series         Step by Step Remodel Series         Step by Step Remodel Series

The Open Floor Plan

When this home was originally built in 1989, it’s floor plan was what homeowner’s were looking for. Nowadays, most Buyer’s look for a house that has an open floor plan that allows an abundance of light in, which in turn makes the home appear larger than it actually is. One of the biggest challenges the construction crew faced during this remodel was relocating the staircase to another location in the house, so that they could free up the living room and give it a more open feel. In order to accomplish this not-so-dainty task, strategic planning had to take place between everyone involved, utilizing the skills of the contractor, the knowledge of the engineer, and the input and direction from the owner’s themselves. They all came up with a creative solution to relocate the interior staircase which we’ll follow in these Step by Step Remodel Series.

Step by Step Remodel Series          Step by Step Remodel Series       Step by Step Remodel Series

Framing has Begun

Now that we have a clean palette, this was the time to reevaluate the plans and make sure that there were no changes. If there were any changes, they would need to be incorporated at this time. Once it was decided that the framing could begin, the construction team started with the new kitchen, downstairs bathroom and the staircase and pantry placement. As the framing downstairs was in process, the rest of the crew was accomplishing the demo/prep work upstairs. All of the new framing and design work is estimated to be completed by the beginning to middle of August 2015. During this part of the process, the owner’s, the contractor, and Paradise Real Estate’s very own Construction Consultant Tony Cappel, have been very busy with the selections of all materials to be installed in the new home, which includes wall finishes, granite counters, flooring, cabinets and more.

Step by Step Remodel Series                                  Step by Step Remodel Series


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