Homes for Sale in South Lake Tahoe Neighborhood: Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay – South Lake Tahoe, is known as one of the most scenic areas in the United States. It’s majestic tree which covered the peaks, accessible camping areas, crystal blue waters and waterfalls provide the backdrop for millions of photographs a year. Fannett Island sits in the middle of the bay and the historic hundred-year old Vikingsholm Castle is right there on the shoreline.

Emerald Bay: The Heart & Soul of Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay Homes for SaleVisitors and locals alike enjoy the untamed beauty that it offers every day of the year. Just located off of Hwy 89 or Emerald Bay Rd, just a few miles past Camp Richardson. There are few homes that are available to purchase since most of the area is National and State Park land. However, if something does come up for sale it would be the perfect opportunity to own your very own mountain getaway in the heart of Lake Tahoe.

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