Homes for Sale in South Lake Tahoe Neighborhood: Glenbrook and Uppaway

The Glenbrook and Uppaway Estates are two adjoining neighborhoods of South Lake Lake Tahoe NV and are located in a beautiful enclave at the base of Spooner Summit along the west shores of fabulous Lake Tahoe. Glenbrook is a gated community adjacent to Uppaway Estates. With 150 of 750 Glenbrook’s acres have been developed, leaving nearly 600 acres remained undisturbed, offering homeowners serenity as well as unique recreational opportunities.

Glenbrook Homes for Sale

Glenbrook, NV: Lake Tahoe's Exclusive Neighborhood

Resting under the scenic Shakespeare's Peak and home to anything from townhomes and cabins to luxurious and lakefront Estates.  There are 297 residences here, with 61 of them being right on the lake.

There is a community pier and beach that includes boat buoys and a dock valet. It also offers a private 9 hole golf course, tennis club and restaurant in Glenbrook along with a community park and hiking trails. It's your own little mountain hideaway inside a world renown getaway!Glenbrook Homes for Sale

Glenbrook is rich with history. That the stream that rushes through the meadow where it got her name. In 1860, Captain Augustus Pray and associates settled in Glenbrook, NV.  They built a cabin, harvested wild hay, and planted grain and vegetables. They were popular in harvesting 4 tons of wheat bushels hay per acre, while oats grew 7-8 feet high.

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Glenbrook, NV homes for sale

Intimate Lake Tahoe Communities

The small neighborhoods of Glenbrook and Uppaway Estates are about 10 mi South of Incline Village, and about 12 mi North of South Lake Tahoe, California. They epitomize the qualities of a rural lakeshore community. Only 150 acres of Glenbrook's 750 acres have been developed. Nearly 600 acres remain untouched, offering homeowners serenity as well as unique recreational opportunities. The homeowner's association protects many of the area's finest qualities for residents.  The part of history that this area played in the development of Lake Tahoe is written in history books.  Mark Twain, the logging days of Duane Bliss, Presidents from the 1800s and many travelers once stayed in or visited Glenbrook.

Uppaway Estates

A small private community of Uppaway Estates is located on the former Fleishman Estate.  The 44-acre lakefront property was purchased by Major Max C. Fleishman in the early 1930’s and served as his home for many years. The community now has 29 homes including the historic former home of Max and his wife Sarah. Uppaway and the adjoining community of Glenbrook plays a prominent role in Lake Tahoe’s rich and colorful for sale lake tahoe

When Major Max C. Fleishman had purchased this spectacular 44-acre lakefront estate he asked his wife, Sarah, if she wanted to build their new home on the lakeshore.  She replied, “No, I want it up a way.”  The house they built in 1936 remains. It was painstakingly remodeled to reflect the original character and design.  Sarah’s preference for the location of the home also remains as the name of the current community.

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