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Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale – (530) 541-2465

Access to the best and most timely information can dramatically shape your Lake Tahoe real estate home buying and selling experience. Because of this, I have worked very hard to create a Lake Tahoe real estate website that helps you get the information you are looking for quickly and easily. Sign up now to receive all new listings according to your desired criteria that get posted to the MLS.lake tahoe homes for sale

Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale

I am passionate about delivering exceptional and personalized customer experiences. With extensive knowledge in every aspect of Lake Tahoe real estate, fueled by market research and insight, I would be honored to be your trusted local real estate Realtor/Broker. On this website, with it’s groundbreaking web features, you can easily find lakefront and luxury homes  for sale as well as the most extensive list of ALL homes for sale on both the California and Nevada sides of the lake. Listings of homes are updated every hour from the local Real Estate MLS! Get to know the Tahoe neighborhoods by reading the descriptions and viewing them on the Map Search.

Neighborhoods of South Lake Tahoe

Since many Lake Tahoe home buyers come from out of the area they aren’t familiar with our neighborhoods and their attributes. Due to this, two features have been included to help the buyer’s experience.  First is a Lake Tahoe Buyer’s Guide and, secondly, video tours and reviews of all South Lake Tahoe neighborhoods.  You can find them on the neighborhood video page or on the neighborhood page.

Each South Lake Tahoe neighborhood is unique. You will notice everything from lakefront and luxury homes like those in Tahoe Keys, Glenbrook, Skyland, Cave Rock and Elk Point, as well as homes with more of a mountain, woodsy feel as those in Montgomery Estates, Pioneer Trail and Tahoe Paradise. Nevada neighborhoods tend to have more luxury and lake view homes while California neighborhoods tend to include everything from luxury lakefront to mountain cabins.

View  the Tahoe Keys from a Drone

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market

The Lake Tahoe real estate market continues to be very busy. With recent sales continuing to stay strong, real estate experts believe, just as I do, that with the current price points of homes this is still a good time to purchase a home in Lake Tahoe. Even sales of homes in the luxury market are going strong, as in the Glenbrook, Lakefront, Skyland, Zephyr Heights and  Tahoe Keys neighborhoods. The neighborhoods on the CA. side of the lake have some pricing that is still very attractive and below our market peak in 2006.

Over the last 12 months, ending October 31, 2014, there were  681 closed sales of homes in South Lake Tahoe, CA, which is down 11% from the previous year.  The median price of sold homes during the last year was $336,000, up 8.7% from the previous year. Sales in the Lake Tahoe real estate market continue to improve in all ranges of price categories except for those homes that sold for under $300,000.  Since September of 2012 the number of sales in this category have dropped tremendously. With so few homes for sale in that  price range I expect to see a continuation of the same pattern for some time.

These are the current trends that that I’m seeing in the Lake Tahoe real estate market:

  • Expect interest rates to climb slightly
  • Appreciation rate continuing to grow
  • Strong luxury homes sales
  • More homes for sale which gives buyers more choices

Look at all the Lake Tahoe  homes for sale, and if you see something you like and aren’t in the area to view it, I offer a special service. You will receive a narrated video tour of the home…it will be like you’re there and seeing it for the first time!  If you want more information on any home or subject on my website please contact Dan Spano. Read my most recent reviews. I welcome all my customers to drop by my office conveniently  located in the Lake Tahoe casino core on the CA. side of the state line.

Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Review of October 2014 Homes Sold

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

There was actually something new with the real estate figures for the month of October in South Lake Tahoe.  For months it's been sales up, median price up, new listings down as well as a declining number of South Lake Tahoe homes for sale.  In October, most of those statements held true except for one major one we look at, "Median Sales Price." The median sales price for homes sold during the month is down from homes sold the previous month.  In...Continue Reading!

Tahoe Fund Improves Property Values in Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Mark Twain wrote "I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords."  describing his seeing Lake Tahoe for the first time and Tahoe visitors still feel the same way today.  There are many agencies in charge of  protecting the environment and our beautiful blue lake.  Most of them are government agencies but there are a couple of non-profits that have taken the preservation of Lake Tahoe as their mission. One of these such organizations is the Tahoe Fund. The Tahoe...Continue Reading!

‘Bear Selfies’ Causing a Problem at Lake Tahoe’s Taylor Creek

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Bears are wild animals, and no matter how cute and cuddly they look, they are wild and not meant to be near humans.  We see our share of bears in South Lake Tahoe, from those wandering city streets looking for a garbage can snack to those living in our forests. Every year, the Kokanee salmon and  trout head upstream at Taylor Creek to spawn and because of their large numbers they attract not only people who love to watch but...Continue Reading!

Dan Spano’s New Listing: A Tahoe Keys Condo at 2081 Venice Dr #286

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

The Tahoe Keys remain as one of South Lake Tahoe's most popular neighborhoods, and this new listing is right in the heart of what makes the Keys so special. Living in the Tahoe Keys allows owners to be on the lake or canal, have a great list of amenities to enjoy, be close to shopping and restaurants, have easy to navigate streets during the winter  and fabulous views.  Most of the homes and condos have their own private boat docks. If...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale Report for September 2014

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Summer is now moving to fall but the Lake Tahoe real estate market hasn't really slowed down. What did fall along with the leaves was the number of closed sales and the number of new listings of homes for sale. Everyone keeps talking about the lack of inventory of homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe. The buyers know what they want, and while there appear to be plenty of homes for sale, they aren't fitting what those buyers desire. Median Price...Continue Reading!

Search All Homes For Sale In Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Lake Tahoe:  "The Jewel of the Sierra" and "The Lake of the Sky" are just two names for this mountain paradise.  For many of us, it's home and for others, it's a place to retire. This website offers what people are looking for in Lake Tahoe real estate, and the "search" page is a great place to start. On the search page the Tahoe home buyer or seller can search by neighborhood, price, map search, lakefront, and luxury properties. Lake Tahoe Luxury Homes for...Continue Reading!

Exciting New Changes in South Lake Tahoe – Edgewood Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Even though the official start of construction doesn't begin until May, 2015 on the new Edgewood Tahoe Resort, the golf course is already undergoing major changes to prepare for the big project. The 8th and 9th holes have been altered for golf this fall , and then they'll be reconfigured prior to the course opening again next spring.  Trees have been cleared and a 10 foot tall fence has been erected in order to block the construction zone.  Since there...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe’s Lakefront Homes Viewed From the Lake

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Lake Tahoe's shoreline is 72 miles around, and most of us experience it by either driving on the highway or by an occasional boat ride to our favorite fishing or water skiing spots. The homes that rest along the shore are some of Lake Tahoe's finest with their wide views of not only the crystal blue waters, but also of the mountains that surround this alpine lake. Here is a whole new perspective of the shoreline, from the eyes of a...Continue Reading!

Preparing your Lake Tahoe Home for Winter

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

There are important tasks that homeowners in Lake Tahoe should complete before winter each year.  It'd be nice if we could look into a crystal ball and see if a mild winter or a heavy snow winter is going to hit the region, but we can't so we just need to be prepared.  I have compiled a checklist of what needs to be done around your Lake Tahoe home this season. You can complete most, if not all, of these...Continue Reading!

Fire Defensible Space at Your Lake Tahoe Home

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

We live in the middle of a forest, which is a great place to reside, but there are some precautions that property owners should take. The potential for loss of property due to wildfires is increasing so homeowners in the Lake Tahoe basin are learning to minimize the fire danger risk. One way the Lake Tahoe home owner is accomplishing this is by creating more fireproof space around their home.  These are proven steps that residents and communities can take to improve...Continue Reading!