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Welcome to Paradise Real Estate

Access to the best and most timely information can dramatically shape your Lake Tahoe real estate home buying experience. Because of this, I have worked very hard to create a Lake Tahoe real estate website that helps you get the information you are looking for quickly and easily. Sign up now to receive all new listings according to your desired criteria that get posted to the MLS.elk-point-country-club

Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale

I am passionate about delivering exceptional and personalized customer experiences. With extensive knowledge in every aspect of Lake Tahoe real estate, fueled by market research and insight, I would be honored to be your trusted local real estate Realtor. On this website, with it’s groundbreaking web features, you can easily find lakefront and luxury homes  for sale as well as the most extensive list of ALL homes for sale on both the California and Nevada sides of the lake. Listings of homes are updated every hour from the local Real Estate MLS! Get to know the Tahoe neighborhoods by reading the descriptions and viewing them on the Map Search.

Neighborhoods of South Lake Tahoe

Since many Lake Tahoe home buyers come from out of the area they aren’t familiar with our neighborhoods and their attributes. Due to this, two features have been included to help the buyer’s experience.  First is a Lake Tahoe Buyer’s Guide and, secondly, video tours and reviews of all South Lake Tahoe neighborhoods.  You can find them on the neighborhood video page or on the neighborhood page.

Each South Lake Tahoe neighborhood is unique. You will notice everything from lakefront and luxury homes like those in Tahoe Keys, Glenbrook, Skyland, Cave Rock and Elk Point, as well as homes with more of a mountain, woodsy feel as those in Montgomery Estates, Pioneer Trail and Tahoe Paradise. Nevada neighborhoods tend to have more luxury and lake view homes while California neighborhoods tend to include everything from luxury lakefront to mountain cabins.

View  the Tahoe Keys from a Drone

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market

The Lake Tahoe real estate market continues to be very busy. With recent sales continuing to stay strong, real estate experts believe, just as I do, that with the current price points of homes this still a good time to purchase a home in Lake Tahoe. Even sales of homes in the luxury market are going strong, as in the Glenbrook, Lakefront, Skyland, Zephyr Heights and  Tahoe Keys neighborhoods. The neighborhoods on the CA. side of the lake have some pricing that is still very attractive and below our market peak in 2006.

Over the last 12 months, ending June 30, 2014, there were 703 closed sales of homes in South Lake Tahoe, CA.  The median price of sold homes during the last year was $325,000, up 18.2% from the previous year.  Sales have been up in all price categories except for those homes that sold for under $300,000.  There just aren’t that many homes for sale in that price range so we’ll continue to see a reduction in sales in that range.

In June we saw a 7.6% increase in the number of homes listed for sale in South Lake Tahoe as well as an increase of almost 10% in the number of homes for sale.

These are the current trends that we’re experiencing in the Lake Tahoe real estate market:

  • Expect interest rates to climb slightly
  • Appreciation rate continuing to grow
  • Strong luxury homes sales
  • More homes for sale which gives buyers more choices

Look at all the homes for sale in Lake Tahoe, and if you see something you like and aren’t in the area to view it, I offer a special service. You will receive a narrated video tour of the home…it will be like you’re there and seeing it for the first time!  If you want more information on any home or subject on my website please contact Dan Spano. Read my most recent reviews. I welcome all my customers to drop by my office conveniently  located in the Lake Tahoe casino core on the CA. side of the state line.

Are There Short Sales or Foreclosures in Lake Tahoe?

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Home buyers are still looking for a deal, and that isn't different in Lake Tahoe.  The difference is that there are very few short sale and bank owned distressed sales in the Lake Tahoe basin.  At times, we even see "zero" in the search result! Short Sales in South Lake Tahoe The house is for sale because the homeowner cannot afford to repay the lien’s full amount and or continue making monthly payments on their home.  The lien holders have agreed to...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Review: February 2014

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

February can be called a month of leveling.  When evaluating all of the Lake Tahoe real estate categories, such as number of homes for sale, closed sales, median sales  price and new listings of homes, you will find figures much the same as last month as well as the same as February a year ago. Median Sales Price of Homes Sold in South Lake Tahoe The median sales price of homes sold over the last 12 months was $320,000, the same as...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Road Construction to Close Kingsbury Grade In Spring and Fall

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Many Lake Tahoe visitors and locals use Kingsbury Grade (State Route 207) on a weekly basis, if not daily.  Due to a major,  1 1/2 year construction project needed on the road, the route will have to be closed to through traffic over the top for about 30 days in May and another 30-45 days in September and October.  There are two projects that will be ongoing, one is replacement of water lines and the other, which has the most...Continue Reading!

Finding Gold in Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Lake Tahoe, the land of beauty, nature, outdoor sports. Once the gateway to gold mining in the Sierras, Lake Tahoe is now golden once again. Three athletes that ski in Lake Tahoe are now Olympic gold medalists, and two of those are from South Lake Tahoe. Jamie Anderson started the celebratory ball rolling by winning the gold medal in the inaugural Snowboarding Slopestyle, then Maddie Bowman followed a week later by winning gold in the inaugural Ski Halfpipe. Both girls grew up in...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Review: January 2014

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

2014 is starting out to be another good year in Lake Tahoe real estate! Statistics show that the new year started off just as the old year wrapped up. The median price is up, closed sales are leveling off and the number of homes in Lake Tahoe for sale is down. The one fact that differs from the end of 2013 are new listings. The number of homes entering the market in South Lake Tahoe dropped steadily from May through December, but...Continue Reading!

Are Luxury Home Sales on the Rise in Lake Tahoe?

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Luxury home sales in South Lake Tahoe are on the rise, especially over the last six months.  Of the 22 homes that sold for over $1,000,000 on the California side of South Lake Tahoe, 14 were sold over the last half year.  The Nevada side is experiencing much of the same. There have been 55 homes sold for one million dollar and above in the last 12 months, almost double from the prior year when 30 homes above one million...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Lakefront and Waterfront Homes for Sale

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

With Lake Tahoe being the largest alpine lake in North America, you might think you'd be able to find a lot of homes along it's 72 miles of shore line, but with state and national parks and other public lands taking up much of the lake shore, this isn't the case. Lakefront and Waterfront There are two types of homes that rest on the shores of Lake Tahoe, lakefront and waterfront.  The homes that are directly on the lake are considered lakefront,...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Review: December, 2013

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

December wrapped up a record breaking year in South Lake Tahoe real estate.  I don't want to sound like a broken record, but the month had more of the same:  Median sales price up, closed sales leveling off, number of homes for sale down and new listings on the rise. Median Sales Price Rises for 17th Straight Month From August of 2011 to August of  2012, the median sales price of homes sold in South Lake Tahoe was $231,000.  In December of...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Review For November 2013

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

November was another good month for the real estate market in Lake Tahoe. The frantic pace of home sales is slowing down which is what I've predicted in previous articles. Median Sales Price Continues to Rise The median sales price for homes that closed in November, 2013 was $355,000, which makes it the highest month since March of 2009. For the past year the median sales price of homes sold in South Lake Tahoe was $313,500, up 30.6% from the previous 12...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Neighborhood: Pioneer Trail

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

The  Pioneer Trail neighborhood borders alone Pioneer Trail which is one of the main traveled roads into Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe Real Estate in the Pioneer Trail Neighborhood Pioneer Trail is a road that leads travelers from the town of Meyers to all other areas of South Lake Tahoe without having to drive on Highway 50 with it's stop lights, thus making it very popular with those drivers in the know.  It is several miles long but the neighborhood called "Pioneer Trail" covers...Continue Reading!