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Welcome to Paradise Real Estate

Access to the best and most timely information can dramatically shape your Lake Tahoe real estate home buying experience. Because of this, I have worked very hard to create a Lake Tahoe real estate website that helps you get the information you are looking for quickly and easily. Sign up now to receive all new listings according to your desired criteria that get posted to the MLS.elk-point-country-club

Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale

I am passionate about delivering exceptional and personalized customer experiences. With extensive knowledge in every aspect of Lake Tahoe real estate, fueled by market research and insight, I would be honored to be your trusted local real estate Realtor. On this website, with it’s groundbreaking web features, you can easily find lakefront and luxury homes  for sale as well as the most extensive list of ALL homes for sale on both the California and Nevada sides of the lake. Listings of homes are updated every hour from the local Real Estate MLS! Get to know the Tahoe neighborhoods by reading the descriptions and viewing them on the Map Search.

Neighborhoods of South Lake Tahoe

Since many Lake Tahoe home buyers come from out of the area they aren’t familiar with our neighborhoods and their attributes. Due to this, two features have been included to help the buyer’s experience.  First is a Lake Tahoe Buyer’s Guide and, secondly, video tours and reviews of all South Lake Tahoe neighborhoods.  You can find them on the neighborhood video page or on the neighborhood page.

Each South Lake Tahoe neighborhood is unique. You will notice everything from lakefront and luxury homes like those in Tahoe Keys, Glenbrook, Skyland, Cave Rock and Elk Point, as well as homes with more of a mountain, woodsy feel as those in Montgomery Estates, Pioneer Trail and Tahoe Paradise. Nevada neighborhoods tend to have more luxury and lake view homes while California neighborhoods tend to include everything from luxury lakefront to mountain cabins.

View  the Tahoe Keys from a Drone

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market

The Lake Tahoe real estate market continues to be very busy, with increasing sales and a decreasing inventory of homes for sale. With recent sales continuing to stay strong, many experts believe just as I do, that now is the time to purchase a home in Lake Tahoe. Even sales of homes in the luxury market are remaining strong, as in the Glenbrook, Lakefront, Skyland, Zephyr Heights and  Tahoe Keys neighborhoods. The neighborhoods on the CA. side of the lake have some pricing that is still very attractive and below our market peak in 2006.

Over the last 12 months, ending February 28, 2014, there were 738 closed sales of homes in South Lake Tahoe, CA.  The median price of sold homes during the last year was $320,000, up 28% from the previous year.  We had been seeing a consistent upwards growth in most figures over the last 17 months, but this month saw a few areas with a slight drop. Overall, closed sales were down 3.7%, but there was actually only one category that had a drop ~ those priced under $300,000. All other price categories had increased sales, including the Lake Tahoe luxury home market where sales were up 31.6%.

My predictions for 2014 in the Lake Tahoe real estate market:

  • Interest rates will slowly continue to creep up
  • Appreciation rate will taper from last years boom
  • Luxury homes sales will be strong
  • Available Homes for sale will continue to decrease

Look at all the homes for sale in Lake Tahoe, and if you see something you like and aren’t in the area to view it, I offer a special service. You will receive a narrated video tour of the home…it will be like you’re there and seeing it for the first time!  If you want more information on any home or subject on my website please contact Dan Spano. Read my most recent reviews. I welcome all my customers to drop by my office conveniently  located in the Lake Tahoe casino core on the CA. side of the state line.

Luxury Homes Sales in Lake Tahoe: Are sales up or down?

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Since overall sales of homes in South Lake Tahoe are on the rise, one would expect the same for luxury homes (those priced over $1,000,000). One would also assume that sales are increasing more than those of lower priced homes because of the recovering economy.  Let's look at the information and come up with an answer: Luxury Homes for sale in Lake Tahoe Luxury homes can be found for sale in many of Lake Tahoe's neighborhoods.  Some are lakefront, some are lakeview...Continue Reading!

Is it time to buy a Lake Tahoe vacation home?

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

I've been writing about how busy our real estate market is in Lake Tahoe, how inventory is down, prices are starting to rise, sales are up and interest in buying continues to grow for months now.  But, how is this compared to the rest of communities in the US that are considered prime vacation home locations? According to the USA Today's article on May 26,  everyone else is just like Lake Tahoe.  While the speed in how our market isn't improving...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe NV. Neighborhood Highlight: Round Hill

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Round Hill is a small neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe nestled in between Highway 50 and the mountains on the Nevada side of the lake.  It is an intimate neighborhood with single family homes and condos. It's proximity to the lake, downtown and outdoor activities makes it a consistently popular area. Residents can walk to the Round Hill Shopping Center and to the beach as they enjoy the sunny southwest exposure the neighborhood affords. Hiking and biking trails are nearby,...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe House Hunting Checklist – The Top 10 Things to Know

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

A home is probably the biggest expense you'll have in your lifetime so when buying a home you'll want to make sure you're making the right choice. Searching for real estate in Lake Tahoe is much like any other place but the weather does create a few extra things to look at when considering the purchase of a home. House Hunting Checklist Cast your eye high and low, to and fro, to spot cracks or leaks outside of your normal field of...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Neighborhood Highlight: Al Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Al Tahoe is a historic neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe, California in an area between Highway 50 and Lake Tahoe.   It was named after the builder and proprietor of the 1907 resort built in this area, Almerin "Al" Sprague. The resort has been gone since the 1960's but the area is now home to a nice neighborhood grid of all types of housing as well as easy access to the lake and easy winter access.  Due to this easy...Continue Reading!

The 10 Steps for your Lake Tahoe Escrow Transaction

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Your offer has been made and accepted.  What is the next step? It is now in "escrow."  What does this mean?  Since the transaction of a home purchase normally involves a large amount of money, a third party (normally a title & escrow company) handles the transfer of the funds and documents from one party to another. This third party takes custody of the bond, deed and other pertinent documents until specified conditions are met. The California Escrow process has 10 steps 1....Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale on the Rise?

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

If you took a look at the first 12 days of May you might have thought so. Between May 1 and May 12, 2013 there were 47 newly listed homes for sale on the California side of Lake Tahoe. This may seem like a lot, especially since there have been under 160 homes for sale on the South Shore at any one time over the last year.  During the first 12 days of April, there were 36 listed, so a...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Neighborhood Highlight: Highland Woods

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Highland Woods is a small neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe nestled in between Highway 50 and the lake.  It is one of the area's newest neighborhoods, having been developed in the 1970's.  Wide streets and underground utilities, level lots and easy access make it a popular neighborhood for locals and visitors alike.   Even though there is commercial properties along the area's Highway 50 edge, the neighborhood is quiet and off the beaten path, making it a great one for...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Neighborhood Highlight: The Bijou Neighborhood

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

The Bijou Neighborhood of South Lake Tahoe, California is one of the oldest neighborhoods and is very well located in town to give easy access to a lot of activities.  Skiing at Heavenly Valley is just blocks away, there is a 9 hole municipal golf course here and the lake is at the northern border of the neighborhood.  The meadows around the golf course are great for biking, hiking and also cross country skiing and snowshoeing. There is even a...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Review for April

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate – (530) 541-2465 -

Median price of homes sold continues to increase The median sales prices for homes sold in April of 2013 rose 48% from April of 2012 to $334,500.  When analyzing the figures in more detail, you see some interesting things.  I have set up four price ranges for South Lake Tahoe Real Estate Sales: 1)  homes priced under $299,887, 2) homes priced @299,888 to $434,999, 3) $435,000 to $649,999 and 4) $650,000 and above.  The median sales price of  homes in the...Continue Reading!