Homes for Sale in South Lake Tahoe Neighborhood: Cave Rock


Cave Rock Homes for SaleCave Rock is located on the Southeast shore of Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side of the lake, in between the neighborhoods of Glenbrook and Zephyr Cove.  It is 7 miles north of the state line of California.  Cave rock is the "throat" of an extinct volcano, is 75 feet thick and is best known for the caves in the rock and the tunnel that makes way for Highway 50.

The Area

The homes in the Cave Rock area receive plenty of sun and have breathtaking panoramic views of the Lake Tahoe shores. Many of these multi-million dollar homes are visible from the Lake, either off the beaches or on a boat. Like a lot of South Lake Tahoe neighborhoods, most of the homes in the Cave Rock area are prime vacation rental spots that do a wonderful job showcasing the spectacular views and stunning sunsets over Lake Tahoe.

Cave Rock offers homes in a wide price range, however the majority of the homes in this area are located in the luxurious Cave Rock Estates subdivision. This prime, high-end neighborhood represents the Lake Tahoe lifestyle by offering pristine sandy beaches and astonishing views unlike anywhere else.

View the Cave Rock Lakefront homes from a Boater's Point of View!

Cave Rock Vs. The Washoe People

Cave Rock is known as a sacred place for the Washoe People.  Their ancestors once lived along the shores of Lake Tahoe and performed religious ceremonies in the larger of the caves. They used the land as a place to lay their deceased to rest and they also hunted and fished in the area.

Another reason the Washoe considered Cave Rock sacred was what they called "The Lady of the Lake". The "Lady" appears in the rock formation as the profile of a woman's face gazing out toward the lake from just below the old highway foundation. She is best viewed by lake tahoe real estateboat from north of the rock, close in to shore and in the morning or early afternoon hours. The Tunnel was built into Cave Rock in 1931.  It replaced a single lane hanging bridge and rock wall that was originally built in 1863.  The first bore into the rock was in 1931 and both directions of traffic flowed through until 1957's boring of a second hole. The westbound tunnel goes through 153 feet of exposed granite while the eastbound tunnel has a concrete liner and is 410 feet long. There are caves high on it's side which were formed by wave action from Lake Tahoe millions of years ago when the water level was much, much higher than it is today.