South Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale

lake tahoe lakefront home for saleAmerica’s Year ‘Round Playground

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to buy a home, no matter what season you enjoy the most. Lake Tahoe has a wide selection of summer activities from stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and jet skiing to walks, hikes and exploring nature.  Winter brings us the snow activities including skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and sledding. Fall and Spring are beautiful as well with their own sets of activities. Even if you don’t participate in any of those activities, having a home in Lake Tahoe gives you peace, quiet and fabulous scenery.

The Difference Between California and Nevada

When you visit Lake Tahoe it is really difficult to know where the state line between California and Nevada is, unless you’re aware that there are only casinos on our Nevada side. This “line” is really not important because there are so many new and fun things to do everywhere in Tahoe!

But, where real estate is concerned, the difference is a big one. I previously covered the reasons Nevada is popular with residents and home buyers. There are two advantages  to buying a home in Nevada: 1) Lower property taxes, and 2) No state income tax (only good if your income is earned in Nevada and showing your permanent resident there).

Many clients want the tax advantages Nevada has to offer but end up buying a Lake Tahoe home on the  California side of the lake. You can get a lot more home for the money on the CA.  side of the lake since prices are lower and there are more homes to choose from.  My clients have discovered  the advantages of buying a house on the Nevada side won’t be realized financially for many years.  This statement won’t hold true  if you earn your income in Nevada because having no income tax is a huge benefit.

Best Neighborhoods to Locate South Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale

There are a wide variety of neighborhoods on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, in Nevada and California. The best way to narrow down which is best for you is to figure out how you will use your Lake Tahoe home.  Do you want to utilize it as a vacation rental?  If so, just some of the most popular neighborhoods on the California side are the Tahoe Keys, Heavenly Valley and Montgomery Estates. Nevada doesn’t have any one neighborhood which is better than others for rentals as you will find vacation homes in all neighborhoods.

No matter what you like Lake Tahoe for, you’ll find a neighborhood that resembles those best attributes that fit your needs. The marina feel is only in the Tahoe Keys, and the ski resort feel in in Heavenly Valley and Upper Kingsbury areas while you find the forest feel throughout parts of Montgomery Estates, Tahoe Paradise and Upper Truckee neighborhoods.

South Lake Tahoe has everything from luxurious lakefront properties to condos to marina to woodsy, What a decision to make!

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