Lake Tahoe Lakefront Videos

Follow along with Dan Spano’s Lake Tahoe Lakefront Videos as we cruise along the sandy beaches and lakefront communities of beautiful Lake Tahoe! We start our journey in California, on the south end in South Lake Tahoe and float along the perimeter until we finally end up back in the south, but on the Nevada side, near Glenbrook and Cave Rock. Travel with us by boat on the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe, as we fly our specialized drone over the different beaches and shoreline that Tahoe has to offer. View the amazing, lakefront masterpieces that call the shores of Lake Tahoe home as you’ve never seen them before. Nothing can rival the Lake Tahoe Lakefront Community and you’re about to see why!

South Lake Tahoe & Emerald Bay Lakefront Homes

Rubicon & Sugar Pine Point Lakefront Homes

Homewood & Tahoe Pines Lakefront Homes

Hurricane Bay & Cedar Point Lakefront Homes

Tahoe City & Carnelian Bay Lakefront Homes

Crystal Bay & Agate Bay Lakefront Homes

Incline Village, NV

South Lake Tahoe, NV Lakefront Homes

Homes that are a part of Lake Tahoe’s lakefront community can range anywhere from single family residences to condominiums to multi-million dollar estates. Many of them have their own private boat docks, piers and even a private beach! Imagine watching world renown sunsets that peak over the Sierra Nevada mountains and stretch across the crystal blue waters of the lake, all from your very own patio.

You can search for all the lakefront homes that are featured in our Lake Tahoe lakefront videos by clicking on the following links:
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