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Many people throughout the US and even around the World have heard of Lake Tahoe. This may be because it is the largest Alpine lake in North America or the amazing clarity of it’s crystal blue waters or simply because of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. Regardless of the many reasons, Lake Tahoe is on the map as one of the #1 tourist destinations in the Western Hemisphere. Nothing compares to living in a lakefront homes on lake tahoe.




Nothing Can Rival the Lake Tahoe Lakefront

Delicately placed among the 72 miles of shoreline is the Lake Tahoe lakefront community. You will find everything from hundred year old historic castles to multi-million dollar custom Estates and even lakefront condos. Many of these homes have a private pier or even a private beach and marina! Whether you’re looking on the California side of the lake, Nevada side, South side or North side, there are amazing lakefront neighborhoods that are home to one-of-a-kind masterpieces. For example, in South Lake Tahoe, CA you can find gorgeous lakefront homes in the Tahoe Keys, Bijou, Al Tahoe, Camp Richardson and Stateline (which is actually on the CA and NV side!) No matter what type of a lakefront property you are looking for, you are sure to find it on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe.



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