Homes for Sale in South Lake Tahoe Neighborhood: Al Tahoe

The Al Tahoe neighborhood is one of South Lake Tahoe’s oldest and most historic areas and it is also one of the most diverse. Homes in Al Tahoe range from small cabins and chalets built in the 1900’s to newer cabins and multi-million dollar luxury homes. In between, there are duplexes, triplexes, multi-family dwellings along with small apartment buildings as well. Most of the homes in Al Tahoe are built on 5,000-6,000 sq ft lots, but some homes are on double lots. Al Tahoe remains one of the more affordable and popular neighborhoods in South Lake Tahoe.

Why Live Here?

Al Tahoe is located in the heart of South Lake between Regan Beach and Highway 50. Most homes are within walking distance of Regan Beach; which includes a park with a sandy volleyball court and also the newly renovated Lakeview Commons (formerly known as El Dorado Beach). This City beach is home to weekly summer concerts, a food concession (not your typical snack shack food), Stand Up Paddle and kayak rentals and races. As you can see, this area has a great vibe and offers something for everyone to enjoy. Homes have easy access to the beach, the casino corridor, Heavenly Valley Ski Resort, restaurants and shopping.

Who is/was Al Tahoe?

Was there really someone named Al Tahoe?  The Al Tahoe Hotel was built in the area in 1907 by Almerin Sprague. He named the hotel after himself, and even long after the hotel was gone the name of the neighborhood stayed.  Prior to Sprague building the hotel, the area was part of Thomas Rowland Estate which covered most of South Lake Tahoe.  In 1946, Los Angeles businessman Aram Harootunian bought the Al Tahoe Hotel and the surrounding land.  He started selling sub-divided lots in Al Tahoe for $10 down and $10/month with no interest! Harootunian family members still reside in the area as do descendants of other pioneering Lake Tahoe families like the Bartons. Read more on the history of the Al Tahoe neighborhood.

Located in the heart of South Lake Tahoe

The Annual Wagon Train comes through South Lake Tahoe every June.  They will stop along the way at Al Tahoe's Lakeview Commons for a BBQ and Western entertainment. Lakeview Commons is also becoming the new hub of activity in town, with festivals, weekly community events and national sport competitions.

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