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Modern Mountain Style: A look at today’s alpine design trends

It’s no secret that alpine homes offer a much-needed retreat from the hectic lives we lead. In a world that whips us between the demands of work, technology and family, we deserve a place that inspires us to unplug, unwind and connect with nature’s abundance. Because of this the popular modern mountain style has taken root in many alpine resort towns.

A ski house should be exactly that: a sanctuary where the clocks run slow, family traditions stand the test of time and the details reflect our spirit. A tall order if there ever was one, but certainly worth the undertaking. Fortunately, there are plenty of gems waiting to be mined within the Tahoe basin.

1505 Cree modern mountain home
1505 Cree – Modern Mountain home for sale

Good Place to Begin

If you are looking to invest in your own slope-side retreat, there are many things worth considering. If you’re not sure where to start, a good place to begin is by examining the current state of alpine design and architecture.

According to experts in the field, modern is the name of the game with today’s mountain style. Clean lines, sexy interiors, indoor-outdoor concepts and sustainable materials are all hallmarks of the contemporary look that’s being sought after in ski homes from Lake Tahoe to Park City to Vail and beyond.

It’s not just new builds that aspire to be modern. Classic A-frames and log retreats are enjoying updates to offer a more rustic, contemporary feel. Red plaid, pinecones and antlers no long reign supreme as people are opting instead for clean, neutral tones and modern fixtures.

We are seeing a contemporary and modern design approach for both new construction and renovation projects. Organic materials such as stone and wood are being combined with metal accents in order to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition, oversized windows are being used to capture the majestic views, while creative light sources are being implemented throughout the home.

In addition to a more modern aesthetic, buyers are seeking authenticity. People want a home that feels uniquely their own and truly represents their lifestyle and who they are.

“Things to consider before investing”

1. Does the home offer convenient access to a commercial and/or private airport?
2. What kind of access to slopes does the home offer? How important is that?
3. Are there amenities such as a pool, gym, golf, family programming?
4. Are there HOA or member dues?
5. Is the home rentable and for how much?
6. Does the look, feel and style of the home match your vision and lifestyle?

Thoughtful and Intentional DesignModern Mountain Style Country Farmhouse Style

Buyers are seeking properties that can weave a unique story and stand out among the traditional aesthetics. Patina metals, exposed rock and reclaimed materials are a few of the design elements that are being embraced for their ability to add sophistication without the pretense.

We’re seeing a consistent trend of what we’d describe as ‘thoughtful and intentional design’. Home buyers are looking for properties that promote a natural flow, offer a smart use of space, and incorporate a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience.

This sentiment is echoed by interior designer Scott Corridan. “We continue to find homeowners of mountain modern homes gravitating toward different combinations of natural wood and stone materials, seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces and an overall design that is warm and comfortable for the whole family to enjoy, live and grow.” 

Today’s mountain town buyers are also craving more relaxed spaces. They want a place where they can unwind and kids and guests are allowed to touch things.

Buyers want access to experiences as much as they want access to the slopes. Fly fishing classes, snowcat rides, private concerts, kids’ camps and access to ski lifts, dining and beaches are a few examples of amenities that attract buyers who are willing to pay a premium for making the most of their downtime.

modern mountain style home lake tahoeAnother must-have?

Ski locker rooms and mudrooms, which serve to effortlessly bridge the gap between indoor/outdoor living. Buyers are willing to pay a premium to have a space that allows for them to store equipment and easily participate in all four seasons of activities. By having a designated space to hang those soggy ski parkas and kick off those dusty hiking boots, more time can be enjoyed participating in life.

Another common thread among high-profile buyers in resort markets such as Lake Tahoe is a desire to blend in. With a laid back luxury lifestyle, mountain towns such as Lake Tahoe offer the unique distinction of being cherished for offering both privacy and anonymity.

Whether you are in search of a laid back slopeside condo or a grand alpine retreat, there’s much to consider when investing in a ski property. But no matter what your tastes, the perfect alpine retreat is out there waiting for you. You just have to get out there and find it.

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