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Lake Tahoe Nevada Lakefront Homes for Sale

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate on the shores of picturesque Lake Tahoe offers buyers a selection of homes with a world class view every single day of the year. Your views will be of the crystal blue lake, the picturesque Sierra Nevada mountain range as well as fabulous sunrises and sunsets. With an increase in sales in 2013 and 2014, there aren’t many lakefront homes left for sale since not many places in the world can rival the Lake Tahoe Lakefront!

Lakefront Homes for Sale

In South Lake Tahoe, NV you can find condominiums, luxury homes and large estates right on the shores of the lake. Neighborhoods that offer homes on the lake include  Zephyr Cove, Cave Rock, Glenbrook, Snug Harbor, Pittman Terrace, Elk Point, Skyland, Logan Shoals, Pinewild, Marla Bay, Lincoln Park and Lower Lakeridge.

Sales of Lakefront Homes on the Rise

There is more interest in owning homes on the lake than we’ve seen in recent years.  With a stronger faith in the economy, buyers have more trust in the market.  Many buyers are coming from out of state to take advantage of the Nevada tax situation as well. Recent lakefront sales on the Nevada side include $25,000,000 for a lakefront estate and $12,000,000 for a lakefront home once owned by the late casino mogul Bill Harrah.

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You can find a lakefront home for sale on Lake Tahoe in both the Nevada side and the California side of the lake. There are some lakefront homes for sale on the California side that you can see here.

The list below shows all of the lakefront homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side.