10 Quick Tips to Search for Homes in Lake Tahoe

Search homes in Lake TahoeAs I recently wrote, the biggest decision you need to make when buying a home in Lake Tahoe is selecting your Realtor. However, before you get that far into the process you may want to just browse and get a feel for the Lake Tahoe real estate market. Nowadays, many potential buyers do this by searching online. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to see what’s out there (you don’t even have to leave your couch!).  My website utilizes some of the most current and up-to-date home searching tools you’ll find anywhere!

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Search Homes for Sale in Lake Tahoe using ParadiseRealEstate.com:

The Lake Tahoe area has “four quadrants.”  Since the lake rests in TWO states, we have North Lake Tahoe, CA, North Lake Tahoe, NV and then South Lake Tahoe, CA and South Lake Tahoe, NV. Not only are there two states, there are four counties and one rural area. They are El Dorado County, Douglas Co, Plumas Co, Washoe Co. and Carson City rural).

1. South Lake Tahoe CA Homes for Sale – South Lake Tahoe, California is the only city in Lake Tahoe as all of the rest are just communities and towns. Because of this, there are more homes in both the city limits and in the county region of South Lake Tahoe. You can search all of South Lake Tahoe with one tab or separate by regions. You can select criteria according to your preference that best fits your needs.

2. South Lake Tahoe NV Homes for Sale – The Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe has a large number of homes both on the lake and with lake views.  Due to the lower number of listings and the tax advantages in Nevada, the homes tend to be priced higher than their counterparts in their neighboring state due to supply and demand. Many of my clients are surprised to hear this. You can search all of South Lake Tahoe, NV with one tab or separate by regions. You can input criteria like price, bedroom and bathroom count along with the ideal size home for your needs.

3. North Lake Tahoe CA Homes for Sale – North Lake Tahoe, California homes for sale cover a large area from West shore Tahoma to Squaw Valley to King’s Beach.  These communities all offer something different, yet they are all in the Lake Tahoe region. You can search all of South Lake Tahoe with one tab or separate by regions. You select criteria like price, bedrooms and bathrooms and size.

4. North Lake Tahoe NV/ Incline Homes for Sale – The Incline Village of Lake Tahoe has been jokingly referred to as “Income Village” due to the high value of lakefront homes in the area. It’s not unusual to find homes for sale over $8,000,000.  There are still homes and condos priced much lower so the easy to use search tool can help you see immediately what is for sale in your price range.

5. Map Search – This is a great tool if you don’t know what the region you’re interested in is called and will help you understand the geography visually of Lake Tahoe.  This search tool for homes for sale in Lake Tahoe is also divided into the quadrants. Each area’s MLS operates differently, so some areas like South Lake Tahoe will show you all homes for sale, while you only wanted to look at the north end of the lake, so make sure you select a specific region while your searching different areas.

6. Search by Neighborhood – This feature is divided up by both South Lake Tahoe, CA and South Lake Tahoe, NV homes for sale by neighborhood.  Some buyers are only looking for luxury homes (priced over $2,000,000) or lakefront, so I’ve divided up the whole lake into those categories as well.

7. Search by Email Notifications – Let the listings come to you!  Sign up for email notifications and you’ll get a list of all the homes that are currently on the market that match your criteria in the “welcome” email and then you’ll be notified daily or weekly (depending on how you set it up) as homes come on the market or have a price change.

8. Search by Short sales and Foreclosures – Lake Tahoe doesn’t have very many short sales or foreclosures, but if that’s what you’re looking for these links will work great.

9. Let Dan Spano search for you – I am here to serve you so let me know what you want and I’ll find it!  Just give me a call at 530-541-2465 and I’ll start helping you find the right Lake Tahoe home for sale that fits your needs.

10. Search Reno to Gardnerville – Perhaps you’ve found that Lake Tahoe isn’t where you want to purchase a home either due to price, selection, investment opportunities, or for whatever the reason. I have a separate website dedicated to homes for sale in the Carson Valley, Reno and Carson City.


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