How to Find Your Perfect Lake Tahoe Realtor

perfect Lake Tahoe Realtor
Lake Tahoe has something to offer everyone, whether you are looking for a place to retire or like most, a second home that becomes your “home away from home” in one of the most amazing and desirable locations in the Western Hemisphere. Visitors to Lake Tahoe are constantly commenting on the legendary Lakefront homes and quintessential family retreats that boast unparalleled mountain views of the majestic Sierra’s and the majority of these visitors dream about owning their very own piece of the beauty. However, how do you find that perfect Lake Tahoe Realtor to help you achieve that dream?


Finding that Perfect Lake Tahoe Realtor for Your Luxury Home Purchase

When real estate buyers walk into the Paradise Real Estate office in South Lake Tahoe, CA they are blown away by the virtual videos that display luxury homes with breathtaking scenic views of the Tahoe Basin. Alongside the beauty, the high quality of construction with true mountain styles, high-end finishes and impeccable designs add to the allure of being a homeowner in Lake Tahoe. These small yet impacting details make these homes more desirable and worth every penny of the million-dollar price tag attached to them and is also the reason why many potential home buyers continue to purchase homes for sale in Lake Tahoe and will continue for decades to come.
Purchasing real estate in excess of a million dollars can be a daunting task no matter where you’re thinking about buying and it’s always better to leave this job up to a professional who has the knowledge, skills, expertise and experience in negotiating the best deal for his or her clients. According to  80% of real estate transactions happen through a licensed Realtor and there are quite a few valid reasons as to why that is. Once you start looking for someone to represent you in your Lake Tahoe home buying dream, be sure to take the time to research and interview the list of Realtors that have an abundance of experience and knowledge, specifically in the Lake Tahoe Luxury Market.

Here are a list of factors to look for when selecting your potential Realtor:

  • Qualifications and Designations:

    For example, to be designated as a “CRS” or “Certified Residential Specialist,” a Realtor has to accumulate up to 48 real estate course credits, close escrow on a minimum of 10 transactions which need to gross $8 million dollars and all this has to be complete within two years’ time OR the agent can close escrow on 25 transactions within any time period. Another similar designation includes an “ABR” or “Accredited Buyer’s Representative” which is a designation to represent the buyers on the purchasing side of the real estate process.

  • Experience:

    Experience helps a Realtor gain many aspects of the industry such as: knowledge of the local real estate market, mastering negotiating skills, understanding the appraisal system and appreciating aesthetic value, goodwill of the property and much more!  Experience is very important for an agent, as it qualifies them as either your Buying or Selling Representative in one of the most important decisions in one’s lifetime. Check the length or duration he/she has been in the industry, the longer the better. In addition, make sure that the agent has been a full time “Realtor.” Specialty is another area to consider, so check if the agent has experience in the kind of homes you are planning to buy; a residential single family home, a condominium or a waterfront, luxury masterpiece. Each category has different dynamics and requires special skills and knowledge an agent must have in that specific area to negotiate successfully for their client. Specialization also applies to the geographical areas as well. For example, when looking for a luxury home in Lake Tahoe, check if the Realtor has specialization or experience in dealing with just the California side of the lake, Nevada side or both.

      • * Tip: You can ask questions to gauge the agent’s understanding of the market which is gained from his overall experience. Find out the Realtor’s opinion on how the Lake Tahoe real estate market is performing; is it bearish? heading downhill? or remaining steady throughout the last couple of years?
  • Reviews:

    In addition to questioning your agent’s experience and knowledge, you should always check their most recent reviews, if not all of them, as they reflect the personal experiences of their previous clients. Reviews can help you better understand the Realtor’s knowledge, expertise, attitude, style and/or basic working mode of communication from a client’s point of view, which is exactly what you will be if you decide to hire them as your real estate representative. Also keep in mind, that the majority of successful Realtor’s will also have an informative and user friendly website as well.

        • * Tip: Reviews are also readily available on many real estate and business organization websites. Check if the agent has 5 star reviews and if his past clients would recommend him to anyone that is in the market for an amazing Realtor. Finally, check the past and current listings of the potential agent to see if he deals in similar properties that you are interested in purchasing and also the price range you can afford. Remember that your real estate agent is not only your advocate, but he’s your local market, negotiating expert, your marketing guru and last but not least your technology geek that’s quick with numbers and can analyze data at the snap of their fingers!

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