We Appreciate People Who Care About Lake Tahoe

Firework debris found on the beach at Pinewild and Marla Bay.

The big local news in South Lake Tahoe over the last couple of months circled around a lawsuit filed by two Nevada residents against the LTVA (Lake Tahoe Visitor’s Authority) and Pyro Spectacular, the two responsible parties for putting on our great fireworks show over the lake.  They were concerned about the amount of debris that was left in the lake after the fireworks.

Joseph and Joan Truxler live in the Pinewild neighborhood of South Lake Tahoe.  Their lakefront condo gives them fabulous views of the lake and a beach, which also gave them an upfront view to the debris left behind.

They went through all of the agencies that have been charged with protecting Lake Tahoe.  The Truxlers felt nobody was listening, and their calls weren’t returned by many people. In the meantime, fireworks debris continued to litter the beach.  Here is a timeline of the events.

The Truxlers felt there was nothing left to do but sue. Most people wish it hadn’t elevated to that, but it is what it is.

Their goal was to protect the lake, not to stop the fireworks which they tried to accomplish by filing a lawsuit. The community came out in force to help save the fireworks, which is a major boost to the local economy every year. Long story short, the lawsuit was dropped and going forward there will be more controls in place to ensure the debris isn’t left behind in the future.

Keep Tahoe Blue

The reason most people visit and live in the Lake Tahoe area is because of the beautiful blue lake and surrounding landscape. Several agencies and government funding goes to making sure this happens. There are ongoing projects that keep storm water draining into the lake clean and without harmful sediments. The two more prominent agencies that deal with “being blue” are the League to Save Lake Tahoe and TRPA (Tahoe Regional Planning Agency).  Many may not like their policies and procedures, but their main goal is to preserve what we have, and we are appreciative.

Want to Live On Lake Tahoe?

You can live anywhere in Lake Tahoe and enjoy the turquoise lake since all you have to do is drive a few minutes or see it on your commute, but there are some neighborhoods that have this great lake as your back (or front) yard! On the South Shore we have the Tahoe Keys neighborhood as the most popular lake front area on the California side of the lake, but you can also find lake front homes in Stateline, Bijou and Camp Richardson’s Jamison Beach area.  There are many other beach front neighborhoods on all sides of the lake and you can find them all on my website or by giving me a call.

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