Enjoy the Bike Trails of South Lake Tahoe

Perhaps you’re looking for a home to purchase in South Lake Tahoe, or you’re already a local home owner.  Many Lake Tahoe visitors buy a home here because of the lake, the mountains or the skiing. Great bike trails make it easy to enjoy Lake Tahoe and their proximity to all homes on the South Shore.

The Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition has come out with a great printed map of all the bike trails around the lake. You can find this valuable map at bike shops and visitor’s centers around the lake. They have also put several trails on their website  and the Tamba site. (Tamba is Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association). Another great resource is Bike Tahoe  and has a ton of good information.

Bike Trails of South Lake Tahoe

I am an avid cyclist and have been on all of the road and dirt trails.  There are many miles of back road trails as well as paved trails through the city and county.  The Bicycle Coalition   completed a project that included repaving the trails along bridges, rivers and creeks.  You can now ride from the Nevada/California State line to Baldwin Beach all on paved bike trails. The Forest Service also  completed a bike trail from the Fallen Leaf Campground to Baldwin Beach, but it was just completed and is not on this map.

The Bicycle Coalition created maps for the North Shore, Northwest, Southwest and Southeast sections.

Buy or Rent a Mountain Bike

Tahoe has become a destination cycling town.  If you need to buy one, or rent one, Gary Bell is the man to see.  He is the owner of Sierra Cycle Works.  He opened the shop in 1980 and knows everything there is to know about biking in Tahoe, plus he started TAMBA! Gary has a great staff too and they can help with maps and any other questions you might have. His shop switches to winter sport supplies like ski rentals once the snow starts to fly.

Neighborhoods of South Lake Tahoe

As you can see from this map there are bike trails in most neighborhoods of South Lake Tahoe.  Some are near single track trails like Montgomery Estates and Heavenly Valley, while others are popular for the easy, level paths like the Tahoe Keys, Al Tahoe and Tahoe Island Park.

If you’d like to find a home that easily lets you hop on a bike trail in Lake Tahoe, call me at 530-541-2465.

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