Top 6 Methods to Use in Your Search for a Lake Tahoe Home for Sale

lake tahoe home for saleThere was once a day when Real Estate buyers would walk into a big brand Real Estate Office  and ask to have someone show them around. Today’s successful home buyer has a much different approach to selecting the home they want to purchase and this is especially true when looking for a Lake Tahoe home for sale. Home buyers and sellers today are utilizing the internet and  know much more about what they want way before they tour the first home for sale in person.

Here is a list of the Top 6 Ways Buyers can find the Ideal  Lake Tahoe Home for sale:

Tip #1: There are many internet directories such as Zillow, and Trulia. They give you an overview but these aren’t the best for finding everything for sale currently on the market.  Many Lake Tahoe home buyers and sellers call me to look at homes they found on one of these sites, then I have to inform them that the property has already been sold. It can be months and even years before these Real Estate portals remove their outdated listings. Also, the fancy tools used to give an estimated value of particular homes found online are extremely inaccurate when looking for homes for sale in Lake Tahoe. Therefore my Tip #1 is NOT to use these Real Estate Portals to locate your ideal home but reading their reviews for locating a good Realtor are helpful.

Tip #2: Search for a trusted local real estate Realtor or better yet a Broker with a state of the art website is my recommended very first step a buyer or seller should take. The Paradise Real Estate website has made it easy for clients to search homes for sale in Lake Tahoe. A good real estate website has all current listings posted immediately, and once sold, its removed immediately. However if you do want to see what has sold to give you an idea of the current real estate trends, then a Market Report feature is a valuable tool.

Tip #3: Driving around and getting to know the neighborhoods can give you a good idea as to the feel of the neighborhood you want but using a good Real Estate consultant or Realtor will save you time.  Not every area is the same in Lake Tahoe.  The very fist step in helping clients buy or sell a home is to find out what they want and what is important to them. Then they’ll be pointed to the neighborhoods that best fits their desires. Also, they’ll be able to view videos on each area, including a drone movie of the Tahoe Keys which is very helpful to get a feel for what they want.

Tip #4:  Have your Realtor create a saved search for you (or you can do it as well) on their website.  If you’ve signed up on Paradise Real Estate you’ll get an initial email with a list of all the homes that fit your criteria and then follow up notifications when homes either come on the market or have a price change.

Tip # 5: Get a feel for the homes for sale by reviewing the home listings you receive via email. Consult with your Realtor the pros and cons and schedule a time to tour the homes that fit your criteria.  Lake Tahoe is unique in that most home buyers don’t live in the area and are usually buying  a second or third vacation home.  This search process requires making a trip to Lake Tahoe to view the homes in person. Because time is so valuable the Preview Review service is offered. This is where I’ll go tour the home(s) that top a potential buyer’s list and do a narrated video tour which save the buyer a lot of time! Then you can see it and decide if you want to schedule a trip to Lake Tahoe for that one, or move onto another house.

Tip # 6:  Search by reviews of Realtors. The most important thing to do is selecting the right broker and/or agent to help you sell or buy a home.  This is one good thing Trulia and Zillow do is allowing clients to leave reviews of their agents and brokers.

Search for a Lake Tahoe Home

I have created unique search features for a Lake Tahoe home because of the wide variety of real estate. There are four areas to Lake Tahoe but many home buyers aren’t aware of them, they just want to buy a home in this mountain paradise.  There Is North, South, East and West, some in Nevada, some in California, some are Lakefront, others classified as luxury homes for sale.

You’ll find it easy to break it down on  The initial search is broken down to North Shore, CA, North Shore, NV, South Shore, CA and South Shore, NV.  Since there are very few homes on the West and East shores they’ll actually be combined into the other four categories just listed.

You can search by neighborhoods too, just in case you have your sites set on a unique area such as Glenbrook or Tahoe Keys.

Let’s say you don’t care which state your home is in, but you know you want lakefront or luxury, then you can select that tab and see only those homes for sale.

You can search by just bedroom count, price, bathroom count, MLS number, street name or by a number of other features.

I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for my clients to find the right Lake Tahoe home for them.  Of course, I haven’t eliminated the human factor which is very important to me.  The on line search portion helps you see what is on the market and which ones you’d like to view.

How To Find Your Home in Lake Tahoe

  1. Sign up for email notification so you’ll know the minute a home is listed.
  2. Call me directly at 530-541-2465 or stop by my office and we’ll sit down and explore all options.
  3. Get my newsletter every other month which gives you an insight into Lake Tahoe real estate.
  4. Search all homes for sale around the lake.  My website makes it easy to search for homes that match your criteria.
  5. Get valuable and current information when you sign up to receive Lake Tahoe real estate articles sent to your inbox.


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