6 Tips for Picking the Best Lake Tahoe Realtor

Dan Photo updated- LRThe most important decision you’ll make in your Lake Tahoe real estate transaction is selecting the a good Realtor.  After that, everything is simple with the guidance of a trusted expert who is there to look out for your best interest.

Why is selecting a Realtor so important, aren’t they all the same?

No, not all Realtors are the same. Some are new, some have been in the business for decades, some are dedicated and committed, others are just in it for their commission.  Some take all the classes possible and stay on top of the local market, others do not. Some take the extra time and money to make sure your Lake Tahoe real estate experience is the best one possible.

Another important consideration, and commonly misunderstood, is that you should be choosing the Realtor, not the Real Estate company.  Just because someone works for a national brand or large company it doesn’t mean you’ll get a better deal when buying or selling a Lake Tahoe home.

The individual Realtor decides on what advertising he or she will invest in to help sell your home. Also, when looking for the ideal Lake Tahoe vacation home to purchase, a good Realtor could save you a huge amount of money through strategic negotiations.  The best Lake Tahoe Realtors also are familiar with the paperwork and entire process of buying or selling and can make the transaction smooth.

The Top 6 Tips for picking the right Realtor

1.   Read reviews or talk with recent clients.  Before you start calling the names, ask if anyone will be particularly pleased or particularly disappointed.  Don’t just read the reviews on an agent’s website as they can select those…check out referrals on Trulia and Zillow which are active real estate portals.

2.  Select someone who understands the local market, one who knows each neighborhoods and has a good pulse on the local real estate market.

3.  Look at their credentials.  Are they certified and a specialist, are they a Realtor or Broker?  Not all agents are “Realtors”….who are certified by the National Association of Realtors.

4.  Look at their current listings.  Do they market them in blogs, on the MLS, on listing services, with a sign in front of the home and brochures that are visually appealing and well written?

5.  Meet with them or interview via phone to make sure you feel comfortable with them.  They are representing your interests so you want to get a feel for their ability to do the job at hand.

6. Is your potential Realtor involved in the local community? The more they are connected the more they have their finger on the pulse of the town and have built good relationships.

Bonus Tip for Buyers:  DO NOT contact the listing agent direct. You can read my past articles on this subject to learn more. When going direct to the listing agent you put yourself in a disadvantages position with negotiations. The seller and contracted listing agent are there to work for, and advocate for, their best interest…..not the buyer’s best interest. I see Lake Tahoe home buyers making this mistake constantly thinking they will save money, instead they loose money with this decision. Always locate a buyer’s agent before making an offer.

Why you should choose Dan Spano as your Lake Tahoe Realtor

I am dedicated want to be your Real Estate Consultant for Life, and in order to do that I’m ready to prove I can earn both your business and trust if you give me a chance to find your ideal Lake Tahoe home for sale.  Realtor’s need to have all the qualities of the 6 tips above, plus more.  I value all of the reviews my clients leave for me.  They know that I will continue to not only be their agent but in many cases their friend long after our transaction has been completed.

How to find your Lake Tahoe home

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