Building a Dream Home in Lake Tahoe: Step 8



Building a Dream Home in Lake Tahoe: Step 8


Remember the “Building a Dream Home in Lake Tahoe” blog series that we started a little over 1 year ago? Well here’s the (almost) finished product!! We’ve finally reached the point of listing it on the market, even though there’s still a few more things to do such as interior paint and installing the flooring and counter tops. If you would like to take a look back at our amazing journey of building this Custom Montgomery Estates Mountain Beauty….click on each of the links below:


Step 1 – Locating the Perfect Lot

Step 2 – Permitting Process

Step 3 – The Pre-Grade, TRPA Site Inspections and Excavation

Step 4 – The Foundation

Step 5 – The Slab and Framing

Step 6 – The Roof, Exterior Sheeting, Interior Framing and Windows

Step 7 – Building the Entrance & Completing Exterior Siding


And here we are! As of today, this beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath South Lake Tahoe home has made a great deal of progress. So far the siding, drywall and windows have all been completed since we last checked in on our Building a Dream Home in Lake Tahoe: Step 7 blog. The interior has been appointed with solid alder wood cabinets, doors, trim and window casings. Finely crafted, beautiful hardwood floors along with a stone floor entry are waiting to be installed, which will lead to a relaxing open living area. The stone work in the bathrooms and showers are truly an art and once the actual tubs and sinks are installed, the true masterpiece will come alive. As you can see from the photos below, the exterior of the building is 98% complete so the interior is all that’s left to finish…other than finding that happy homeowner to fill it’s space. We’ll post more pictures soon as we get further down the road when all the interior finishes and installations are coming into place.


Stay Tuned for the 9th and final step in our “Building a Dream Home in Lake Tahoe” blog series where we will take you through finding a happy new homeowner who will call this Home Sweet Home.




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