Step by Step Remodel Series of a Lake Tahoe Home: Step Number Four

Step by Step Remodel of a Lake Tahoe Home

Welcome back to our Step by Step Remodel Series of a Lake Tahoe Home blog series! We wanted to check in and let you know how the Splain’s project on Meadow Dr. was coming along and catch you up on the amazing progress it has made. In Step #3 of the Remodel Series, we left off with the construction crew finishing up all the framework and starting on the interior drywall. The staircase relocation was completed which was one of the most challenging tasks this crew had to face. The exterior deck was being removed to the base framing and the roof was about 99% complete.



Taking on a Whole New Look

As of today, this mountain beauty on Meadow Dr. is taking on a whole new look….and an amazing one at that. All the drywall is now complete along with the priming of all the interior walls. The new double-pane wood windows that they were waiting for in Step #3 were delivered and installed throughout the entire home.  The construction team also removed the old, wood burning fireplace that was located in the upstairs master bedroom to allow for more wall space. This seems like it wouldn’t be that big of a project, but it actually was. Not only did they have to remove the actual fireplace unit, they had to remove the 2nd story chimney and re-frame and terminate under the roof eaves.

Exterior Siding is Complete!

Exterior of home during construction
Front of Home

The exterior of this South Lake Tahoe, NV home is looking better and better each and every day.  The past couple of steps that we’ve taken you through in this Remodel Series of a Lake Tahoe Home has mainly focused on the interior of the property since that’s where most of the substantial work needed to be done. However, as things on the inside are getting closer to being finished, the outside is starting to come together as well. All of the siding on the outside that needed to be replaced or fixed is now 100% complete! That included stripping the exterior rock off the entire main chimney and replacing it with brand new wood siding. The solid upper deck that sits on the 2nd floor off the front of the house was completely textured and painted and is awaiting it’s final top coat. This step will be done along with the rest of the exterior paint job which will take about a month or so to complete. The construction crew will then add the finishing touch of installing brand new, stainless steel cable railings to all the exterior decks.


Follow us in Step #5 as we finish the interior paint, start the exterior paint and await the delivery and installation of all the beautiful finishes such as tile, hardwood floors, cabinets, etc.

  Stay Tuned!



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