Lake Tahoe Real Estate Review: December, 2013

luxury homes lake tahoeDecember wrapped up a record breaking year in South Lake Tahoe real estate.  I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but the month had more of the same:  Median sales price up, closed sales leveling off, number of homes for sale down and new listings on the rise.

Median Sales Price Rises for 17th Straight Month

From August of 2011 to August of  2012, the median sales price of homes sold in South Lake Tahoe was $231,000.  In December of 2013, the median price of homes sold for the month was $352,700, bringing the average for the past 12 months to $318,000.  This continues to be good news to both home owners and home buyers…owners because their home values are much higher than they were a year ago and buyers because they know their investing in a good Lake Tahoe future.


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Closed Sales Slowing in Lake Tahoe

With a lower inventory of homes there is no way we can maintain record breaking numbers of closed sales. Sales are still strong though and they had leveled off over the last couple of months.  This month we saw more of a decrease but I feel this is just due to decreased inventory and not a loss of interest. Also, real estate has it’s seasonal ups and downs in Lake Tahoe, and sales during this time of year normally taper off.


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