Sell Lake Tahoe Homes at Top Dollar with Photos

Get the Perfect Pictures

a09 A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why taking good photos to advertise your home is very important. When my clients decide to  to purchase a home in Lake Tahoe the first thing they do is search the internet  in their decided area. Looking for real estate online is kind of like reading a book as a child, you want pictures! Having professionally taken pictures of your home is a huge deciding factor as to if the purchaser would even consider going to view your home. In Lake Tahoe having professional photos is even more important due to views and settings.

Your home should be clean, organized, inviting and overall photogenic. An experienced Real Estate agent can only do so much to talk your home up to potential buyers without attractive pictures of the home.

Choosing a Photographer

The quality and professionalism of the photos taken are extremely important. Having a good angle and proper lighting are a big factor in your pictures coming out well. Some Real Estate companies have set photographers, if not do your research before choosing someone.

Is Your Home Picture Ready?

Here is a quick list of tips to help get your home picture perfect:


  • Do not park cars in front of the home
  • Turn on all outdoor lighting
  • Move trash and trash cans out of sight
  • Stage deck furniture to your liking
  • Clean up leaves or pine needles

Living Area

  • Make sure all lights are on
  • Remove clutter
  • Hide all wires
  • Turn off TV’s, fans and fireplaces


  • Remove fridge magnets and photos on refrigerator
  • Remove paper towels
  • Clear counter tops of all appliances I.E. toasters, kettles, coffee pots
  • Arrange chairs at the table neatly


  • Open blinds to desired position
  • Remove any bedside alarms, books and clutter
  • Turn all bedside or bedroom lamps on
  • Beds made up properly


  • Remove shampoo bottles and other personal items from view
  • Remove small plug in lights
  • Clean all mirrors, shower doors and counter tops
  • Remove rugs from bathroom floors

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