Perfect Lake Tahoe Home

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Lake Tahoe home buyers need help in deciding where to purchase the perfect Lake Tahoe home. The following 6 Tips will help you to decide:

 Tip # 1:

This is the most important of all. You know the saying, “what are the three most important points to consider when purchasing a home” and the answer is “Location, Location, Location.” Good news is that most areas of the lake are good, it just depends on what is best for you. In order to determine what is best for you, I suggest locating a  local expert Realtor that knows both the area and has experience with real estate transactions.

Tip #2:   

California or Nevada. Lake Tahoe is situated in two states, California and Nevada. That means you get to decide what state you want to live. When looking for certain tax advantages there is a colossal difference between purchasing in Nevada VS California.

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Tip #3:

North or South sides of the lake: There are four quadrants of Lake Tahoe:

South Lake Tahoe, California

North Lake Tahoe, California

South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

North Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Each of these quadrants has different neighborhoods and a different feeling of living.

Tip #4:

Lakeview or Forest View. Do you want a view of the mountains, forest, lake or all three? As you get closer to the lake the prices rise. Getting yourself a lakefront home on Lake Tahoe is going to start at about $1.5 million dollars. If that is not something that is in your budget, Lake Tahoe has many homes that are tucked more into the woods that have a more reasonable price tag.

Tip #5:

Close to Town or Secluded Area. Many people purchase second homes in Lake Tahoe because of the fact that you can have a house that is miles from town with no neighbors on site. On the other hand, there are some people who purchase homes as a vacation rental investment. In that case being close to the town and amenities that Lake Tahoe has to offer is better for them.

Tip # 6:

Vacation Rental and Second Home: experienced Lake Tahoe Realtor This is the most common request from my clients. They want to use the home with family and friends and when not using it they put it on a Vacation Rental program to generate additional income. Be careful to work with an because there are new restrictions in place for some neighborhoods in Lake Tahoe.

While making the decision to purchase a home or even a second home in Lake Tahoe may seem like it takes a lot of effort, having an experienced Real Estate agent makes it easy and painless! Call or email Dan Spano today to talk about your future in the Lake Tahoe area.

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