Lake Tahoe Neighborhoods: Top 4 Areas to Buy a Ski Cabin

lake tahoe home for saleI get this question all the time – “Where can I buy a cabin in Lake Tahoe that puts me next to the ski resorts?”  There are great choices in all four main areas of the lake:  North CA, North NV(Incline Village), South CA, South NV.

Ski Cabins in South Lake Tahoe, CA

There is one neighborhood that is right at the Heavenly Ski Resort, and that on is appropriately named the Heavenly Neighborhood.  There are condos, cabins and large vacation homes located at the base of the resort’s face. A few of the homes will be located closer to Ski Run Blvd, but still very close to skiing and boarding.

Ski Cabins in South Lake Tahoe, NV

There are more ski condos located on the Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe than cabins, but they are all very close to Heavenly’s Nevada operations at two different lodges.  Summit Tahoe Village is a condo development at the top of Kingsbury Grade and just steps away from Heavenly.  Upper Kingsbury also has ski homes and cabins.

Ski Cabins in North Lake Tahoe, CA

There are a few more ski resorts on the north end of the lake than on the south.  There is Squaw Valley, Olympic Valley, Alpine Meadows, Homewood, Northstar and Granlibakken. There is a wide variety of ski cabin options listed, from huge retreats and estates to condos and intimate cabins.

Ski Cabins in North Lake Tahoe, NV

North Lake Tahoe, NV is mainly comprised of the town of Incline Village, which is home to Diamond Peak Ski Resort.  Just up the hill is the Mt. Rose resort.  Neighborhoods closest to these two areas are Eastern Slope, Ski Way and Apollo.

Where Do You Buy a Ski Cabin?

It is easier to find you a ski cabin to buy in Lake Tahoe if you know what other attributes of an area you’re looking for.

1)  Do you want exciting night life?  If so, the south shore will be more of what you’re looking for.  Nightclubs and entertainment in the casinos and local bars draw people in nightly.  The energy inside the Heavenly Village is also very appealing to both families, couples and singles with outside fire pits and live music every day and evening.

2) Do you want lakefront luxury that is also down the street from the ski resorts? Then Incline Village will suit you more perhaps. The lakefront communities in South Lake Tahoe and North Lake Tahoe are a bit further from the ski areas, though nothing is too far!

3)  Do you want to enjoy hiking and biking in the summer? All the ski resort areas will then suit your needs.

The best step is to contact me by email or phone at 530-541-2465 and I’ll help you in your search.  With my living at Lake Tahoe for over 30 years I know the pluses and minuses of the neighborhoods. I’m able to highlight each region and match you to what you’re looking for.

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