Lake Tahoe Road Construction to Close Kingsbury Grade In Spring and Fall

lake tahoe real estateMany Lake Tahoe visitors and locals use Kingsbury Grade (State Route 207) on a weekly basis, if not daily.  Due to a major,  1 1/2 year construction project needed on the road, the route will have to be closed to through traffic over the top for about 30 days in May and another 30-45 days in September and October.  There are two projects that will be ongoing, one is the replacement of water lines and the other, which has the most impact, is to fix to pave, add sidewalks and curbs and be ADA compliant at lower Kingsbury. View the construction schedule.

This fact has concerned many business and homeowners as it will have an impact on their daily lives.  All traffic on the lake side of the grade will be able to move about without closure, though there may be delays. Road construction starts near the intersection of Highway 50 and Kingsbury Grade in May, weather permitting.  Cars will still be able to move on the lakeside but they will not be able to cross over the top as traffic will be stopped at Tramway Drive. After Memorial Day, there will be road construction overnight though the hours have yet to be determined (transit officials are talking about 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. but that will be based on traffic flow). Then, right after Labor Day, the top of Kingsbury Grade will be closed again to through traffic until approximately mid-October.  All road construction must cease on October 15 due to local TRPA regulations.

Selling or Buying a Home on Kingsbury Grade?

Everyone will be able to get to their homes, including buyers and sellers.  The project progresses up the mountain as the spring andreal estate lake tahoe nv summer seasons change.  The lower part of Kingsbury Grade will see the first impact, then it will move up to the middle area, and then finally the top and Summit Tahoe Village.

If the buyers are coming from the Carson Valley side of Kingsbury Grade they will have to take a different route during May and the fall road construction period.  The most important aspect of that is to keep people informed and be pro-active.  They can still see the home, just need to plan ahead so it’s not an inconvenience.

I can help with this process and find the buyer and seller the best solution.  There may be road construction, but we’re used to that in the mountains and we learn to work and move around it. Call me at 530-541-2465 or contact me by email to help you develop a plan that works for everyone! Of course, you can always drop by my office to visit me in person.

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