Normal Sequence of Purchasing a Lake Tahoe Home

lake tahoe real estateMany home buyers are not experienced in the process of buying a Lake Tahoe home in Lake Tahoe nor are they confident in the procedure.  This is where your local real estate agent or broker comes to the rescue!   We are continuing to see a lot of interest in Lake Tahoe real estate and with the increasing demand and decreasing inventory, buyers need to know how and when to buy a home.

8 easy steps to purchasing a Lake Tahoe home

  1. Establish the ideal or estimated target date to purchase in Lake Tahoe.  We are seeing multiple buyers interested in the same home, so as soon as you know when you want to buy you’ll need to be prepared to pull the trigger immediately.
  2. Get pre-qualified for your home loan. This is easy and usually takes about 15-20 minutes on the phone with a mortgage broker. I can refer you to several knowledgeable Lake Tahoe brokers if you don’t already have one you work with. Then get a pre-qualification letter ready before you start looking.  Sellers and/or seller’s agents will provide a lot more important and detailed information to qualified buyers.
  3. Within 30 days of target purchase date, start looking for properties that match your desires and qualifications. My website is very easy to use for this process.  Sign up for email notification of the price range, location and size of home you want and you’ll be notified immediately as soon as a property comes on the market that matches your criteria. We will review the homes together and narrow down your options.
  4. Once you narrow down your search of homes to the possible options available we can go preview them in person.  If you don’t live here in Lake Tahoe I will tour the home with my camera and narrate and record the tour and send it to you.  If you’re ready to buy you then need to move quickly and make an offer. I will make recommendations to the best offer price according to the competition and current market activity.  I am seeing people miss out on the home in Lake Tahoe they wanted to purchase because someone else beat them to the punch.  Once you make the offer I take the ball from there.
  5. I will negotiate on your behalf with the seller until we come to an accepted offer.
  6. My transaction coordination team takes over to make sure all the paperwork is correct during the escrow period.
  7. Once escrow closes I hold keys for you until you come back to Lake Tahoe to use your new home.
  8. You are now the proud owner of a Lake Tahoe home!
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