Tahoe Fund Improves Property Values in Lake Tahoe

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Mark Twain wrote, “I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords.”.  Describing him seeing Lake Tahoe for the first time and Tahoe visitors still feel the same way today.  There are many agencies in charge of protecting the environment and our beautiful blue lake.  Most of them are government agencies but there are a couple of non-profits that have taken the preservation of Lake Tahoe as their mission. One of these such organizations is the Tahoe Fund.

The Tahoe Fund:

The Tahoe Fund was founded in 2010 to become a major source of private funding for environmental projects around the lake with a concentration on recreation, conservation, and education.  They accomplish this by fundraising, providing grants for environmental improvement projects and through education and outreach.  The group has become a catalyst to bridge the funding gaps between existing environmental needs and the continued decline of public funding. They have put hundreds of thousands of dollars back into the area through grants to help remove invasive plant species, creating a new Lake Tahoe beaches app, replacing worn bridges over walking and biking trails, helping with beach improvements and much more in their short tenure.

Bike Path Project

There are plans for a bike path to connect the state line on the North Shore with the state line on the South Shore.  This is a huge undertaking and will be years in the making, but there has been a lot of progress already.  On the South Shore, there is a bike path for the first 2.5 miles that heads north past Round Hill Pines.  The northern portion of the ADA accessible pathway is close to reality through a Tahoe Fund donation drive.  Plans for the three-mile stretch from Incline Village to Sand Harbor have started and the Fund set a goal of raising $750,000.  Last I heard they are well on their way! Communities that are equipped with bike paths attract visitors that appreciate Lake Tahoe.

What This Means for Lake Tahoe Real Estate

With financial interests in Lake Tahoe, both environmentally and with economic investment, on the rise, people want to both protect and improve the communities that surround the lake.   This dedication will only improve home values which can be witnessed by the current real estate appreciation.  The dedication of groups such as the Tahoe Fund proves that people care about what Lake Tahoe is and becomes while embracing both the environment and people who live here. However, there does is a constant battle between environmental groups that want to improve Lake Tahoe at the cost of the local economy.

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