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Finding a Good Realtor in Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe has an abundance of Real Estate agents, finding a Good Realtor in Lake Tahoe is not easy. Whether it be your first home purchase, an upgrade, a lifestyle change, or just buying a vacation home, you will need a good real estate agent. Here are some tips and tricks for finding the ideal Realtor who is right for you.


4 Good Signs

  • Good Reviews. People only tend to leave reviews if they had an extraordinary experience or a bad one. Reading the reviews will also give you a good feel if the agent is the right fit your needs and personality.
  • Inventory. An agent with impressive listings or lots of past sales is a good indicator that they are experienced. A  luxury home buyer or seller will tend to spend even more time interviewing and selecting the best agent to accomplish the goal.
  • Knowledge.  Experienced agents are usually ones that have lived and worked in the area you are targeting for a long time. Using the experienced Realtor will save you a lot of time in the process of buying a home.
  • Communication. Make sure to find someone you are comfortable around and you can communicate clearly with. After all, this person is helping you along the way of one of the greatest times in your life… Purchasing a home!

4 Red Flags 

  • Your agent works part-time/on the side. If you are looking for the best deal possible, you want an agent who actively follows the real estate market and knows what is available. Also, someone who is there for you whenever you might need advice or have questions.
  • They don’t listen. Is your agent trying to steer you in a direction that you don’t want to go? RED FLAG. Your agent should give you guidance but should also listen to your wants and needs.
  • They are too busy for you. If you find a good agent they SHOULD be busy, but not too busy to make time for you.
  • Bad Reviews. This is a huge one, always do your research! Reviews are written for a reason so pay attention to them and read what they have to say about your new potential agent.


Lake Tahoe neighborhoods are not homogeneous. Most Lake Tahoe neighborhoods you drive through will be very different from street to street. You can see a home worth over a million dollars and then two houses down the street another home that has not been lived in for many years because it’s a family cabin. Therefore, Realtors need to understand all the Tahoe neighborhoods in detail.

Each neighborhood will vary from street to street, so having a local realtor with a lot of experience will not only help you to know which neighborhood to look in but also know the best pockets within those neighborhoods. So picking the ideal Realtor can make a big difference in what you end up owning. Amanda Adams has lived in Tahoe for over 20 years and she understands all the neighborhoods in all four quadrants of the Lake. She takes the time to really learn what’s important for the clients–you!

Choose wisely when picking your real estate agent, and do your homework. If you ended up on this page;  you did your homework correctly. Contact Amanda Adams and she will help consult you regarding your next Lake Tahoe home.

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