Lake Tahoe’s Lakefront Homes Viewed From the Lake

lakefront homes for sale

Lake Tahoe’s shoreline is 72 miles around, and most of us experience it by either driving on the highway or by an occasional boat ride to our favorite fishing or water skiing spots. The homes that rest along the shore are some of Lake Tahoe’s finest with their wide views of not only the crystal blue waters, but also of the mountains that surround this alpine lake.

Here is a whole new perspective of the shoreline, from the eyes of a helicopter!

Bird’s Eye View of Lake Tahoe’s Lakefront Homes

Lake Tahoe Lakefront Homes for Sale

Those of us who’ve been lucky enough to live in Lake Tahoe for any length of time may have seen the beautiful lakefront homes from a boat. Then there are the others who’ve been able to live in one of those homes.

There are currently 19 lakefront homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side, and another 16 on the California side of the lake. I will have another helicopter video of Incline Village NV. shore line coming very soon.  There are lakefront condos for sale on both sides, and those are generally the lower priced of the lakefront category.

Not only do lakefront homes have a beach, some will have a pier or they’ll be part of a Homeowner’s Association that has one.

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