Lake Tahoe’s Unwelcomed Spring Visitor: The Carpenter Ants

If you live in Lake Tahoe you’ll soon start to see the annoying insects that make their presence known every Spring:  the Carpenter Ant. If you own a home or vacation home in Lake Tahoe then it would be a good idea to read this advice from my new feature “valuable tips on home maintenance.”

Carpenter Ants

What are they? Carpenter ants are large ants indigenous to many parts of the world. They prefer dead, damp wood in which to build nests. They do not consume it, however, unlike termites. Sometimes carpenter ants will hollow out sections of trees.  In Lake Tahoe the ants can be damaging since they live in wood so you’ll want to try and eliminate them before they start moving into your foundation and home.

How to Keep Them Out

I have found a great product! There are several brands available of granular ant bait specifically made for carpenter ants.

You spread it around your foundation and the ants will take it back to their nests.  Since thousands of ants can live out of your sight in your yard, you want to get rid of as many as possible.  They’ll carry the bait back to the other ants in the nest will eat it and die off. You don’t need to hire a termite company.  You find this product at Nel’s True Value Hardware Supply.  I live in the Montgomery Estates neighborhood, very close to the forest were the ants come from, and I simply spread a line of powder around the perimeter of my home and it stops the ants completely. Is usually costs about $20 and takes 15 minutes to distribute the product. It’s safe for your animals and children to be around as well.

Other Ways to Keep the Ant Population Down at Your Lake Tahoe Home

Besides killing the ants, it’s always good to keep away their natural homes, leaving them less locations to be attracted to and live in. You can clear away the bushes and branches that touch your home as these can be pathways in for ants. Seal cracks along plumbing lines where ants can enter your house with caulking or expanding foam. Seal wood with paint especially if it is susceptible to moisture. Ants love old tree stumps, something that appears to be required landscaping. Also be aware of water running towards the house as this is a welcome path to your home.

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