How to Prevent Damage to Your Lake Tahoe Home During Winter

Lake Tahoe Winter

Freezing weather can be tough on your home, especially if you live around Lake Tahoe. This is because the weather can be fairly extreme due to the alpine setting, reaching far below freezing when the snowfall increases.

These extremely low temperatures can damage your water heater and your pipes, and no-one wants to have to deal with both a freezing cold house and a costly repair bill.

If you live or own a second home in Lake Tahoe and you want to prevent damage to your home during winter, here are four tips to help you. 

Prevent Damage to the pipes

Freezing is the main threat to your pipes. This is because when water freezes it expands, and this puts pressure on the pipes that can cause them to split.

This can be an expensive mistake that normally costs between $65 and $210 to fix, but it can turn into the thousands if the burst pipes cause further damage to your home.

Thankfully you can avoid this by putting insulation around the pipes. If your Lake Tahoe home is a holiday home and you won’t be there during the winter, you may consider a step further by switching off the water supply and draining the water from the pipes, as this will ensure that there is no chance of returning to burst pipes.

Prevent Damage to the water heater

Freezing cold weather can also damage tankless water heaters. The main problem is freezing water, and sadly most heater manufacturers don’t cover damage that was caused by freezing, but thankfully you can do a few things to prevent damage. The main thing that you can do is cover the external pipes with insulation and heat tape to prevent freezing, but if you want, you can go a step further and buy a cover for the water heater too.

Prevent Damage to the gutter

The water in the gutters can also freeze and crack the gutters, but you can avoid this by installing heat tape and removing all of the leaves and debris when the temperature starts to drop.

Prevent Damage to the car

You can prevent cold weather damage to your car by making sure that the antifreeze levels are high enough in the car, and you can also add freeze resistant windshield fluid to the glass to ensure that the cold weather doesn’t result in a crack.

These four tips could help you to save a lot of money, especially if you live in an area that frequently experiences below freezing temperatures.

If you are unable to make any of these improvements to your Lake Tahoe home my team can refer you to our very helpful resource list.



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