Number One Quality in a Lake Tahoe Real Estate Consultant

listening-lake-tahoe-real-estateWe have asked our clients why they chose us as their real estate consultant, and the common thread to all of their comments is the fact that we listen. Our business, as well as real estate as a whole, is customer service. Our number one objective is to become preferable using the following information, as well as taking care of your own needs.

Disgruntled home buyers

We hear from our clients, time and time again, that their agent is not listening to them about what they want. For example, one couple looked for a single-family home in the Tahoe Keys, yet their agent showed them condos.  Another wanted only a 3-4 bedroom home and their agent showed them 2 bedrooms.

Budget is another area where other real estate agents don’t listen to the buyer’s wishes.  People normally can’t spend above their budget, so why show homes that are priced too high?

What to expect with us

We will listen to all of your concerns, desires, and what you want in your search for the perfect Lake Tahoe home. When we first meet, either on the phone, in person, or by email, it may seem more like a counseling session.  We want you to be confident that we’re here– for you–in the long haul, and need to know how we can best serve you.

Here are some sample questions:

  • What’s your timeframe to buy or sell?
  • Tell me what is important to you in buying or selling a home in Lake Tahoe
  • What are your expectations for me? And how often should we be in touch?
  • Have you worked with or currently working with another Realtor? What was the experience like?
  • Tell me what you don’t like.

We am not here to act as a salesperson.  Our job is establishing a healthy relationship and assisting you the best way possible; in either selling your home, or helping you buy one. Consider us as your Real Estate Consultants for Life.

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