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South Lake Tahoe Nevada VHR Rules

UPDATE 7/15/2021

On 6/3/2021 the Douglas County, NV County Commissioners adopted a new Vacation Rental ordinance. The new ordinance is effective on 7/15/2021.

Important changes include:

  • Cap of 600 VHR permits allowed (cap already reached)
  • LLC, Corporations, partnerships may not apply for a permit
  • At least $500,000 in general liability insurance on the property
  • Limitations on density of VHRs, no community shall have more than 15% vacation home rentals in single-family communities, 20% in tourist/multi-family residential communities.

There is also a new 3 Tier system for permit classification.

Tier 1 – owner occupied at all times when the unit is rented and having four or fewer occupants. Unit must be advertised as being occupied by the owner during the rental period. Tier 1 permits are excluded from the cap.

Tier 2 – units with up to 10 occupants.

Tier 3 – units above 10 occupants which requires a VHR special use permit development application.

Click HERE to read the entire ordinance.


Due to the cap of 600 that was put in place, the county has created a waitlist system to process new permit applications as permits come available.

Right now, the county is accepting waitlist applications on July 1, 2022 through July 31, 2022 for VHR permits. Applications will ONLY be accepted during this period. Each year the waitlist applications will be accepted July 1st through July 31st of the calendar year ONLY. The fee to be on the waitlist is $104.

Click HERE for more information on the waitlist and to see the application form.

The Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe is located in Douglas County. A VHR permit is required for all VHRs in Douglas County. The County allows online registration for a VHR permit through Host Compliance. Similar to every other area around the Lake, the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) must be submitted to the County on a regular basis.

A VHR permit application must be filled out and submitted to the County, in addition to the permit fees as follows:

  • Application Fee: $416
  • Inspection Fee: $150
  • Credit Card Processor Fee: $12.73 / ACH Processor Fee: $3.35
  • Total: Credit Card Payment $626.73 / Bank Account Payment (ACH) $569.35

VHR permits are renewed on an annual basis by filling out a renewal application and paying the renewal fee and any taxes. Permits will be renewed if the following are true:

  1. The online renewal application is complete and the applicant has compiled with the submittal requirements.
  2. There have not been two or more upheld citations issued for violations of the County Code at the VHR property within a 24 month period.
  3. The VHR permit has not lapsed, expired, been revoked, or suspended.
  4. The VHR is current on TOT and has paid all said taxes in full to the County.

Renewal Fees:

  • Application Fee: $260
  • Inspection Fee: $150
  • Credit Card Fee: $8.07 / Bank Account (ACH) Fee: $2.10
  • Total: Credit Card $418.07 / Bank Account (ACH) $412.10

For up-to-date information on Vacation Rentals in the Tahoe area, please check out the main VHR page with all of our other articles on the subject HERE. Or contact us to get more detailed information.

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