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Vacation Rentals in North Lake Tahoe

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North Shore CA

On July 27, 2021, the Placer County Board of Supervisor’s approved an Urgency Ordinance enacting a 45-day moratorium on new STR permits. No new permits will be issued during the moratorium. We are unable to advise if the moratorium will be lifted in 45 days or if an extension will be requested. Once the moratorium is lifted, applications will be processed as the ordinance directs.

The North Shore of Lake Tahoe is located within Placer County. In addition to long-standing tax collection rules, in 2018 Placer County updated their ordinance to address VHRs. The new measures include the following:

  • requirement to post fliers in all VHRs outlining local rules and tips for being a considerate guest
  • requiring operators to file local contact information with the county
  • requiring TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax) certificate holders to read and acknowledge their understanding of county ordinances for noise, trash and parking

Placer County also uses Host Compliance to ensure VHR operators are complying with the tax code. In 2019 they added a complaint department at Host compliance to allow neighbors to register when a VHR near them was breaking the rules.

There are workshops scheduled to get public input on an updated VHR ordinance proposal. Items being discussed are: noise, parking, waste collection, occupancy limits, enforcement protocols, and a requirement for residences to obtain a permit in order to operate as a VHR. The workshops are scheduled for September 23, 2019 in Kings Beach, and September 30, 2019 in Auburn. Both workshops will be live-streamed at After the workshops and public input, the County staff will present an ordinance to the Placer County Board of Supervisors for consideration in fall of 2019.

Incline Village NV

On the Nevada side of the North Shore you will find the popular town of Incline Village, which falls under the regulations put forth by Washoe County NV. Washoe County is very large, and includes the cities of Reno and Sparks. The county put in place a rule limiting VHRs to only the unincorporated areas of the county. This means no VHRs are allowed within the Cities of Reno or Sparks. But the Tahoe area is ok.

The County has begun the process to establish standards for VHRs in all of the unincorporated areas, including Incline Village. However, there are a lot of HOAs in Incline Village that have taken it upon themselves to ban VHRs from their complexes. To date, most of the HOAs in the area have banned vacation rentals. But you can still find a few homes and condos that are able to be rental properties.

To get more information visit Washoe County Short Term Rentals.

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