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Finding a Good Realtor in Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

  Lake Tahoe has an abundance of Real Estate agents, so finding a Good Realtor in Lake Tahoe isn't that easy. Whether it be your first home purchase, an upgrade, a lifestyle change, or just buying a vacation home, you will need a good real estate agent. Here are some tips and tricks for finding the ideal Realtor who is right for you.     4 Good Signs Good Reviews. People only tend to leave reviews if they had an extraordinary experience or a bad one. Reading...Continue Reading!

Tahoe Keys Homeowners Association – South Lake Tahoe

  The Tahoe Keys neighborhood tops the list as one of South Lake Tahoe's most highly sought after areas to purchase real estate. Developed in the 1960's from natural marsh lands which eventually dissipated into waterways and canals, this development consists of 1,195 homes, 335 townhomes/condos and sits on 750 acres. The Keys is centrally located on the south end of town, close to shopping centers, Camp Richardson and numerous sandy beaches and world renowned ski resorts. For potential buyers who are...Continue Reading!

Where to Buy in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

If you're like many of my clients considering buying a vacation home in Lake Tahoe, and earning additional income, then you need to know about some of the changes that the City of SLT is proposing. Understanding where to purchase in South Lake Tahoe, especially if it is a second home that is used for short term rental income, reading this article will save you a lot of time and money. New Vacation Rental Ordinance Proposed in SLT, CA There is current talk...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe’s Water Level

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

  Everyone has noticed that Lake Tahoe's water level has dropped a considerable amount because of California's infamous drought this year. Many people are worried that they will not be able to get in and out of the local Marina's this summer, especially the Tahoe Keys Marina which was voted the BEST Marina in Tahoe. However, even though the Lake's water level is low, the Tahoe Keys Property Owners' Association (TKPOA) has just completed the dredging project that began in March of this...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Neighborhood: Pioneer Trail

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

The  Pioneer Trail neighborhood borders alone Pioneer Trail which is one of the main traveled roads into Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe Real Estate in the Pioneer Trail Neighborhood Pioneer Trail is a road that leads travelers from the town of Meyers to all other areas of South Lake Tahoe without having to drive on Highway 50 with it's stop lights, thus making it very popular with those drivers in the know.  It is several miles long but the neighborhood called "Pioneer Trail" covers...Continue Reading!

The Tahoe Keys Neighborhood View from a Drone!

Most of us experience the popular Lake Tahoe neighborhood, the Tahoe Keys,  from either a boat, foot or car. I've tried something new here and you can now experience the Tahoe Keys from the air! Seeing the Keys from this new vantage point shows you what a great area the homes of the Tahoe Keys are part of. The Tahoe Keys This unique neighborhood on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, CA is a 740 acre resort which has 11 miles of waterways,...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Neighborhood: Cave Rock

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

The  Cave Rock neighborhood is an area on the south-eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. It is on the Nevada side of the lake, south of Glenbrook and north of Zephyr Cove. Many homes have either lakefront or good Lake Tahoe views. Lake Tahoe Real Estate Sales in Cave Rock This is a neighborhood with many newer homes as well as older cabins and even some condos. The majority of the homes are  positioned on the mountain in such a way as to provide...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Neighborhood Highlight: Upper Truckee

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

The Upper Truckee neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe is spread along the base of Echo Summit on the north and south sides of Highway 50 near the Truckee River. This neighborhood is the farthest away from the Stateline area. Lake Tahoe Real Estate in the Upper Truckee Neighborhood Homes in the Upper Truckee neighborhood vary from cabins to larger, newer vacation homes.  Lots tend to be larger and many homes are newer than the typical South Lake Tahoe home. One reason for this is because...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Neighborhood Highlight: Meyers

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

The Meyers neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe is looked at as the Gateway to South Lake Tahoe. It is located at the base of Echo Summit and is the first town travelers from Sacramento reach as they head to South Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe Real Estate in the Meyers Neighborhood The town of Meyers started out as a stagecoach stop, Pony Express station and a trading post in the mid-1800's.  Now it is home to shopping, services, restaurants,  2 golf courses, cabins and to newer contemporary...Continue Reading!

Lake Tahoe Neighborhood Highlight: Sierra Tract

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate (530) 541-2465

The Sierra Tract neighborhood in South Lake Tahoe is currently one of the hottest areas in which to buy a home. Lake Tahoe Real Estate in the Sierra Tract Neighborhood Homes in the Sierra Tract area vary from small homes and cabins to newer contemporary homes. However, most Lake Tahoe neighborhoods have this kind of mix . This is a great neighborhood for a second home as well as income property but not ideally suited for a Vacation Home income property. However,...Continue Reading!

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