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What is The Role of a Title Company During Escrow

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I've been covering the process of buying a home in Lake Tahoe, from the search, financing, negotiations, purchase, rental process and maintenance after close of escrow.  This article will cover the role of a Title & Escrow company. When a property seller and a buyer enter into a formal purchase agreement, the title company plays an important role in the transfer of title. Title companies help sellers transfer their titles, and they help buyers take possession of titles. Title companies also conduct...Continue Reading!

Should a Real Estate Buyer Contact the Listing Agent Direct?

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I constantly meet Lake Tahoe real estate buyers trying to contact the listing agent directly thinking that they will save money by not using a local Realtor as their "Buyer's Agent". The assumption is that by going direct to the listing agent and not using your own Realtor as your "Buyers Agent" you will be skipping the middle man and therefore saving money. The truth is, using this approach could cost the buyer thousands of dollars and I will explain the reasons in more...Continue Reading!

Want to Purchase a Lake Tahoe Forest Service Cabin?

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I receive phone calls and emails often from Lake Tahoe home buyers looking to purchase a cabin in the mountains. The word "cabin" means different things to different people, from those made of logs and in the middle of nowhere, to a chalet next to the ski resorts. Some buyers are intrigued when looking at Lake Tahoe real estate when they see US Forest Service cabins for sale and perhaps you weren't aware that it was possible to purchase a...Continue Reading!

Why Use a Realtor Instead of Handling a Home Purchase Yourself?

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Occasionally I get the question if a buyer or seller wants to handle the sale or purchase of their home without a Realtor.  Home buyers and sellers think they'll save a few dollars and handle the transaction themselves. Many transactions work well eliminating the middle person, but a home purchase is not the time to cut corners. I had a call this week from a client who was buying a house without an agent directly from the owner who was also...Continue Reading!

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