Why Purchase Your Lake Tahoe Home Now?

buy a home in lake tahoe

3 reasons to purchase now

1.  Property prices are still low in Lake Tahoe but they are climbing.  The future of where prices of homes for sale will go next is unknown but the prediction is “up.”

2.  There is still a decent inventory of homes available but it is declining rapidly. It is uncertain how many homes you will have to choose from in the future but the trend shows it will continue to drop. The so-called “shadow inventory” never appeared in Lake Tahoe through local realtors wish it had.  It would have added to the number of homes on the market, thus giving you more choice.

3.  Interest rates are at a record low, however, its predicted by many expert sources that we are going to have increased rates in the near future, at least before the end of 2013.

Don’t Miss Out on a Lake Tahoe Home

While interest rates are still low, now is the time to start your search for homes for sale in Lake Tahoe.  Here are my 3 helpful hints on how to stay informed and stay on top of the Lake Tahoe real estate market:

  1. Sign up for email notifications of the Lake Tahoe MLS new home listings.  You will be notified of homes coming on the market the moment they are listed.  You will know as soon as the agents know.
  2. Another way to find out about the Lake Tahoe real estate market is to sign up to receive my blogs via email.
  3. Receive my monthly newsletter.

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